5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Move to Missouri

Moving to another state is not an easy feat. There are a lot of factors to consider and a lot of moving pieces.

Many people move to a new state for work opportunities. Others move to be closer to family. Still, others move simply to escape harsh weather or high costs of living.

Should you consider a move to Missouri? We think you should.

Missouri is not on the top of most American’s radar, but it should be. We’ve listed out just a few of the many reasons Missouri can be a great place to call home. Keep reading to see why moving to Missouri could be perfect for you.

1. Low Cost of Living

When you live somewhere affordable, your money simply goes further. You have more options in life, such as what type of home you live in and where that home is located. You have more discretionary income and are able to do many of the things you enjoy in life.

Missouri is the 4th most affordable state to call home. It has the second-lowest average rent of $827 for a 2-bedroom apartment. The average home cost $158,000.

And the median household income is $53,560. Making the Missouri move could mean enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

2. Job Availability

On top of the low cost of living, the job market is incredible. The unemployment rate is almost always below average.

Available jobs are plentiful. There are many fast-growing industries in Missouri such as health care, information technology, and web development.

3. Enjoy the Outdoors

There’s a lot to do outside in Missouri. With many large, flowing rivers, rolling hills, the Ozark Mountains, and Mark Twain National Forest, you’ll never get bored. Hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping options abound around the state.

Wondering where to live in Missouri if you want immediate access to the outdoors? Table Rock Lake in the southern end of the state is a prime option. With a fish hatchery just downstream from the lake, you can enjoy abundant trout fishing.

Table Rock State Park is also located on the east side of the lake for hiking, biking, and camping. Homes nestled along the shore are perfect for boaters and anglers. Check out Table Rock Lake homes for sale today and start dreaming.

4. The Best BBQ

The people of Missouri will reassure you that they have the best BBQ in the country. They are passionate about their food, especially when deciding which city does it best; Kansas City or St. Louis.

Your best option is to take a trip, try both, and decide for yourself. If you enjoy a sweeter sauce, Missouri is the place to eat.

5. Easier Pace of Living

You’ll experience the friendly politeness often attributed to midwestern states with the unmistakable charm of the south. Missouri is a border state; it enjoys the best of the Midwest and the South together.

The pace of life is generally more relaxed. Less hurry, more smiles, and longer conversations on the porch.

There Are Many More Reasons to Move to Missouri

Why move to Missouri? We’ve hardly scratched the surface. But with incredible BBQ, vast expanses of outdoor recreation, and the incredible charm and friendliness of the folks here, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t move to Missouri.

For those looking for a more affordable home state to call home, with many career options and easier living, Missouri should be the top of your list. It’s far less competitive than in many states like California, New York, Arizona, and Colorado.

If you need additional resources for making your move, changing careers, or determining your next step in life, be sure to check out the rest of our blog today.