5 Things You Should Know about Original Essays


You have definitely noticed that the majority of essays written by your mates are standard and monotonous. When they analyze the same topic, the arguments and counterarguments are always the same. Very few students manage to produce uncommon and fresh thoughts whereas everyone tries to find the easiest solution. Apparently, it is difficult for a teacher to evaluate such essays objectively when their content is similar. If you want to impress your teacher and receive the highest mark, you ought to prepare something authentic. However, original writing is an art. Very few people are able to complete absorbing and newsworthy articles and essays that can grab the reader’s attention. It is possible to define several elements of an uncommon essay. If you want to learn to make such papers, you are welcome to read about these features.

  1. Generate a Fresh Topic

Who is interested in reading ordinary subjects? Nobody. Although such topics as environmental issues or friendship are very notable, everyone knows about such problems a lot. You will hardly learn something new about greenhouse effect or pollution. You will not learn anything useful from a topic related to summer holidays or traveling. Modern readers require something gripping and genuine. Even if you are asked to write an essay from scratch about sports, you can choose an uncommon one. Use the Internet to find out about some extreme or dangerous kinds of sports inasmuch as no one is going to listen about baseball or football. Write about the latest scientific inventions and their use in everyday life. Focus on the innovations in medicine and robotics. Broaden your outlook and entertain your reader. When an essay touches upon something unpopular, it is evaluated better. In fact, you will need to spend more time to collect information about your fresh subject.

  1. Alter the Common Structure

The majority of essays are written according to the same scheme. Students make an introductory paragraph inserting a thesis or asking a thought-provoking question. Then, they support their thesis statement with three or more arguments. Finally, they summarize the entire text with a trivial conclusion. It does not mean that you should break the standard composition of your essay. You ought to organize your thoughts differently. Instead of asking a banal research question, introduce an authentic situation or fact that will attract the reader’s attention at once. He or she will be hooked to continue reading your paper. The main body of your essay should be divided into several sections supporting your major arguments. Try to avoid being dry and monotonous but mix your text with the illuminating facts, quotations and remarks that make your idea more understandable and convincing. Professional writers do not generally summarize their essays. They leave open endings to the reader forasmuch everyone has his or her own opinion about every topic. Avoid imposing your mind on your teacher or mates.

  1. Take a Minority Side

Most often, people are conformists and they are afraid of breaking the standard points of view and stable norms. Very few people are able to analyze things objectively. They always support the generally accepted idea of the majority even if this thought is meaningless. Many experiments have proved that it is very easy to impose anything on the most independent person if this idea is supported by the public. You can shock your reader if you defend the opinion of a minority. In this case, your whole essay will consist of the counterarguments to the well-known firm and ‘unbreakable’ statements. Of course, you will need to be quite brave to defend your position. Moreover, you will need many efforts to find the supporting materials.

  1. Polish Your Vocabulary

Even though you are an English native speaker, the quality of your vocabulary is quote poor. Students avoid taking efforts and improve their essays with the advanced language. They forget about synonyms. It leads to the constant repetition of such words as ‘interesting’, ‘beautiful’, ‘good’. Doubtless, these words can be changed with the more colorful synonyms that will make the text look more varied and sophisticated. Furthermore, high-quality essays contain such linking words as ‘firstly’, ‘then’, ‘on the other hand’, ‘on the contrary’, etc. to make the whole text concise and logical. The text of this kind looks more personal and original in comparison with the dry scientific papers that can be found in the Internet.

  1. Express Your Own Opinion

Although an essay is quite a scientific academic assignment, it is completely subjective. It means that you take advantage of the articles and books of the famous scholars and writers, read them and share your impression with the reader. If you describe a specific topic, you use many sources to enrich your knowledge about it. This information goes through your mind and appears on the paper in the form of your reflections. If you want to construct original essays, you should add your own point of view. You can state that “In spite of the supplied arguments, my idea about the subject is completely different…” It is your essay and you have the right to show your mind openly.