Are You Manufacturing a Winning Business Formula?


As you step back and look at your business, is it manufacturing a winning formula or struggling?

Running a sizable operation is a challenge for the best of business minds. That said you have no choice to give it your all if you want for success for years to come.

With that thought in mind, how is your business going about getting sales and revenue in the process?

Your Business Location Plays a Big Role

In assessing how your business is doing, have you spent time contemplating if it is in the right locale?

Unfortunately, some don’t grasp how key where their business is plays in the big picture. Over time, a bad location can doom a business and its owner or owners.

That said you may have come to the conclusion that your present location is not serving you best.

Among the factors to take a look at:


If you do not own the facility you currently do business out of, is the rent becoming too costly for you? High rent costs can eat into your profits. Unless you are fortunate enough to own the property, chances are you are seeing annual rent hikes.

Servicing customersĀ 

In the event you have customers come to your facility, is it easy for them to access? If they have trouble getting to you due to traffic or you are in a location far from the main drag, this can be a problem.

Inside conditions

Depending on the size of your facility, it can be a problem keeping it ideal. If you have a lot of equipment and supplies in a warehouse, are they protected from weather extremes? This can especially be a problem in the wintertime when the cold rolls in. You may find you need to process heating manufacturers. With the right heating setup for your processes, you do not have to worry about temp control problems. That is problems interrupting your ability to manufacture whatever it is you make. Heating your equipment such as pumps, tanks and more to the temps it needs to operate is key.

Might Moving Improve Things for Your Business?

If you have come to the conclusion that your facility is not getting the job done, will you pull the plug and move?

In considering relocating, take the time to find the right building for your needs.

Yes, you need to improve your location, but you do not want to rush into a facility that will have proven a bad move.

As part of manufacturing a winning business formula, work with experts in the area you want to move to. This would include those who know the local real estate. You might also talk to other business owners in the area you consider moving to. Get their two cents on how they like it.

Last, always keep your customers in mind. How would moving your location impact many of them?

When you take the time to look at the big picture, you have a better chance of manufacturing a winning formula.