Why a Black or Dark Granite Worktop is an Excellent Choice

Try a Dark Granite Worktop when you renovate your space this year

Dark or black granite has become ever more popular in recent years, as the trend for kitchens and bathrooms have gone to darker, more sophisticated colours and patterns for worktops. Even though granite is readily available in a host of other colours, such as beige, white, or even other jewel-toned colours such as green, blue, or pink, black, or dark granite worktop still gives a bathroom or kitchen a truly amazing, beautiful look.

Considerations when looking for a granite worktop – and which themes dark or black granite work with

When you are looking for the ideal worktop, whether it’s for your bathroom or kitchen, granite is fully recommended by the experts. Not only is this type of material completely durable and can literally last for a lifetime – it is also heat- and stain-resistant, especially with the proper sealing.

But perhaps one of your biggest questions is what colour of granite worktop works best with your bathroom or kitchen. To get a better idea of this, you can ask for samples from the granite supplier you have in mind so you can compare it to your existing bathroom or kitchen theme or colours.

A solid colour combined with bold colours and designs

If you are having a bathroom or kitchen built from scratch or from the ground up, then you don’t really have to worry about a dark-coloured worktop fitting in. You can have your other fittings and fixtures work with the dark worktop instead. But what you should remember is that dark or black granite worktops work well with contemporary or classic bathrooms or kitchens. A bit of contrast will work wonders as well. Think white cabinetry or cupboards, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and a dark or black granite worktop – this would truly make the worktop stand out and emphasise your kitchen or bathroom’s overall design. If you don’t want too monochromatic a colour scheme, you can place accents in different, bold colours around your kitchen or bathroom, such as a red wall hanging or red vase, orange chairs, and the like.

A dark or black-coloured granite worktop can be the focal point of your bathroom or kitchen, especially if it is placed in the centre. The dramatic appeal of black or dark granite can instantly transform any room and make it look sleeker, more modern, and cleaner as well.

When looking through samples of granite worktops, you can ask for advice from the worktop supplier and installer so they can give you expert recommendations on what suits your kitchen or bathroom best. You may even want to add extras such as backsplashes just to give the room a more uniform, cleaner look. And, of course, you should always deal only with good and reputable suppliers and installers who can give you high quality materials and a job well done.

Image attributed to Jrstone.co