How to Prep your Very First Event Featuring 3D Holographic Display

There are events, and then there are 3D holography-infused events. And it is a no-brainer to guess which one is sure to be a hit with those who are in attendance of your next big bash –whether it’s a private family and friends sort of engagement or a corporate event, public trade show, or even a shareholder’s annual meeting.

3d Holographic

In every situation, those that aim to please opt for the bleeding edge technologies that will make their event the talk of the town. And today that means to create 3D holographic displays with

The purpose of this article is to help you set the stage for a memorable event and give a few pointers on exactly just how to pull it off. While our suggestions are in no specific order we do mention who you can call to get your 3D holographic event done right.

How to Plan Your First Event with 3D Holographic Displays

The rule of thumb here –contact your 3D holographic display vendor first. Keep reading to see what we mean.

Choose your 3D Holographic Display Form Factor

What’s a 3D-infused event without a 3D holographic display? The first step on the list is to decide how pervasive you would like the 3D holographics to be; would you like to envelope the entire room in 3D imagery and light shows, or are you looking for a little more subtlety?

There are a number of soon-to-be mainstream 3D holographic form factors, however for this article we have a heavy bias toward 3D holographic displays for their sheer wow-factor at live events and their portability –and great inspiration can be found if you check out the Jagermeister Ice Cold Event.

Other form factors include holographic mannequin displays, 3D projection mapping, and even holograms which use a motion capture system to interact with event attendees. The latter being ideal for trade shows and customer support kiosks.


Next up on the list is your DJ –or in this case, a VJ; someone who is used to entertaining a crowd and understands how to work with light shows for maximum impact. 3D holographic displays which have events triggered by audio are best served up by those who have used other iterations of similar technology.

Stage Crew

Companies like Activ8 Holographic Events are usually able to service your stage crew needs or have other vendors they work efficiently with. Holographic displays have a unique set of requirements along side the usual stage setup, so it’s wise to discuss your needs with your holographic projection company before reaching out to various stage setup crews.


And of course, no event is complete without a really great theme. An event theme has the ability to tie together all of the sensory elements of your event; from your 3D holographic display to the beats being pounded out of the venue sound system. The more creative the better, and again, it is probably best to discuss with your 3D holographic display vendor for inspiration here –you may not fully understand the visual potential of holograms and a professional can help with this.


In addition to the usual venue criteria, you’re going to want to make sure that your venue can house all of the gear required to create a compelling 3D holographic display. Space requirements, acoustics, and power infrastructure are all key factors.

In Conclusion

Of course, these suggestions are over and above the usual event management tasks on your list; marketing collateral, social campaigns, permits, alcohol –the list goes on and on. But those tasks don’t necessarily require any help from a professional holographic display company.

Anything to add? Let us know in the comments.