Jamaica: Not only Reggae

Jamaica: not only Reggae defines this place
Photo by CC user ASSY on Pixabay

Gorgeous white sand beaches, frosty drinks with umbrellas, infinity pools that drop into the ocean, jungles filled with mysteries, warm waters and warm nights. Jamaica is the place of tropical vacation dreams – and that doesn’t mean you have to be a fan of Bob Marley or his music, there is plenty to see and do, mon.

After you have checked in and dropped off your bags at your Jamaica all inclusive resort here are our favorite places to experience all that this Caribbean island has to offer.

Swim at Frenchman’s Cove

The cool, clear waters of the small river that feed into the Bay at Fisherman’s Cove make this one of the most picture perfect locations on the island. Swim into the river current and let yourself be carried out to the warm ocean waters. It’s luxurious and exciting at the same time.

Get your glow on

The glistening waters at night filled with bioluminescence are one of the most magical experiences you will likely ever have. Not well publicized this night-time gem is a quick ten-minute cruise from the marina near Falmouth. Stay in the boat to watch the colors in the boat’s wake or take a dip in the shallows and pretend you are a fairy princess bestowing vacation wishes on everyone.

Indulge in a luxurious rum soaked spa treatment

Indulge yourself with one of the signature spa treatments at the legendary Half Moon Resort Spa. With its two spa rooms cantilevered over the ocean, you will relax to the sound of the waves below as your stresses wash away.

Snorkel the cliffs

On Negril’s West End there limestone cliffs maybe lined with hideaway hotels but the sapphire sea teems with tropical fish below. Ranked as one of the world’s best snorkel spots, this is a jeweled feast for the eyes. Keep an eye out for huge schools of silversides and such delights as the snake eel―a non-threatening beauty. It is like diving in your own personal aquarium filled with fish usually found further offshore.

Get high by hiking

Unlike some Caribbean islands, Jamaica has plenty going on beyond its stunning beaches. High in the hills of the Blue Mountains –the highest mountain range in the Caribbean you can find working coffee plantations, mountain resorts that off a cool respite from the more humid coast. Rich jungle adventures filled with exotic flora and fauna await.

It’s not reggae, it’s mento

The Jamaican people are musical; there is no doubt and it’s not all reggae. Predating reggae, mento is an original Jamaican music most celebrated for it’s deep acoustic sound. Other traditional music includes the dance music sounds of Jonkonnu, Bruckins, Dinki Mini, Quadrille, and Mento, often played during holidays and festivals and accompanied by traditional costume, dances and feasting. Religious forms of music are called are Kumina, Pocomania and Rastafari, and are recognized by drumming and chanting