Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Ball Valves

In the rush of everyday life, it is easy to overlook the small mundane details. However, the small stuff can cause big problems for your business.

Buying inferior ball valves is a prime example of a minuscule detail that can literally blow up in your face. Most business owners don’t give much thought to purchasing the best ball valves for their machinery.

This can have catastrophic safety consequences and cause common issues found in machinery. Don’t slack on the details. Using this article you will be able to make the right ball valve purchase, satisfaction guaranteed.

What Is a Ball Valve?

A ball valve is a type of valve used to regulate the flow of liquids or gas in a pipeline. In a ball valve, a metal sphere with a linear hole through its center is pivoted to allow for the flow of substances through the pipeline.

An operator pivots the ball using a handle on the pipe’s exterior. The handle displays to the operator in a clear manner whether the valve is permitting flow, or impeding it. If it is parallel to the pipe the valve is open, if it is perpendicular it’s closed.

This video provides a clear and concise 3D animation that shows how a ball valve operates. People use ball valves in many areas of the manufacturing, construction, emergency response, and business worlds.

Types of Ball Valves

Every ball valve is different respective to the size of the pipe it operates within. The diameters of the ball and the materials it is made from can range based on its application. That being said there are four main types of ball valves.

The first is a full port ball valve. This ball valve has an enlarged hole equal to the diameter of the pipe it is housed in. This allows for unrestricted flow.

A standard port ball valve is the most common. It has a slightly smaller hole than a full port ball valve and moderately impedes flow. A reduced port ball valve restricts flow with two different sized ports.

Finally, a v port valve posseses a v-shaped ball that allows for managing a small opening far more effectively. This allows the operator to manage the intricacies of the flow in a more exact fashion.

Purchasing Ball Valves, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Turning to a professional for all of your ball valve needs is essential to obtaining the best product for the best price. There are many ball valve features that you can discuss with a professional such as materials or HVOF coating.

Consult this complete ball valves buyers guide to answer all of your specific questions about purchasing a ball valve. That way you know that you will be getting the best that money can buy, satisfaction guaranteed.

Stay Ahead of the Ball

If you are experiencing common issues with your machinery’s pipeline systems, inferior ball valves could be at fault. Staying ahead of this problem will ensure that your operation is efficient and safe for years to come.

Only a certified ball valve specialist can ensure that you get the best product, satisfaction guaranteed. For all your other news needs, make sure to check out the rest of our website!