Sunnova Energy Corp Eases Switch To Solar Power


If there were one important issue that affects everybody on planet Earth, it is climate change caused by global warming. Much has been said about switching from fossil fuels to cleaner, more sustainable energy source. There are various alternatives to the polluting fossil fuels, such as solar, wind, geothermal, etc. One company, Sunnova Solar, is at the forefront on the clean energy revolution. Founded in 2012, the company leveraged the deep experience and knowledge of its core leaders on solar power to raise $ 1 billion in private funding to propel itself to the top of the market. It prides itself in having simplified installation and maintenance procedures, achieved through connections with local regional partners that also possess deep knowledge and experience of the solar power business. This translates into a cheaper and more efficient installation process that is flexible enough to adapt to different areas and weather conditions. Many of Sunnova Energy Corp’s clients sing praises of its innovative ways of doing business. Peter Akiyama, a client from California said, “My installation partner was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions regarding solar energy and the installation of the solar panels.” He added, “Sunnova is among the leading companies offering energy at a lower cost than my current utility company, and they stand by their products and services.”

Top Benefits From Switching to Solar Power With Sunnova Energy Corp

One of the most convincing reasons for making the switch to solar power for many people is financial. With the increasing annual temperatures, electric bills are rising to keep everybody cooler. While this might guarantee more comfortable temperatures in the short term, many people do not enjoy coughing up more payment for the comfort. Switching to solar power would mean cheaper electricity bills in the long term, as homeowners with solar power would only be billed for energy consumed from the power grid, which would be confined just to night time and cloudy days. Moreover, homeowners could export the extra energy produced by their solar power system back to the grid and be paid for it. Thus, switching to solar power sees homeowners paying less for electricity while at the same time earning some extra cash. With the rise of utility costs, switching to solar power also means homeowners get protection from having to pay more for electricity in the future. This is because in most markets, solar energy is cheaper than conventional electricity, especially in markets with a centralized utility. Many homeowners also make the conscious decision to switch to solar power as their contribution to commit to protect the environment.

Sit Back And Enjoy With Sunnova Solar

Many homeowners who are interested in solar power often balk when they realize how much the switch would cost them. Moreover, they also feel nervous about committing to something new that is supposed to last a long time, especially when it is tied to their home. However, Sunnova Solar prides itself for being the provider of “low cost, worry free solar”. With its no money down payment requirement and guaranteed free maintenance and repairs service, Sunnova Solar eases nervous homeowners into making the switch to solar power.