Which Fence Style is Best for Your Home?

In 2019, around 673,000 houses were sold in the U.S, a 12.4% rise from the previous year. 

Many Americans are eager to buy their own homes and there’s no better way to personalize a property than by choosing the right fence style for your backyard. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to choose the right fence style for your home.

Benefits of Building a Fence 

Before you learn how to install a fence, it’s important to understand the benefits. Whether it’s simply for aesthetics or to improve your property, there are several reasons. For instance:

Improved Security

While deciding which type of fence to build, know that it’ll offer you and your family better security. Fences keep intruders out, useful if you’re in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, as it’s harder for people to approach your front door. 

Those after security should install a tall fence and avoid features like horizontal rails because it’s easier for intruders to climb.

Added Privacy

Homeowners prioritize safety and often choose fences so people can’t watch what they’re doing in their homes. The best fence style for this has very little spaces between the boards and if there are minor gaps, you can cover them with climbing plants. 

Note that tall fences are best for your backyard and not your front as you don’t want to block views from the street.

Marking Your Property

If you have a large amount of land, then you’ll need a fence to mark your property. This shows you how much space you have left, useful if you’re planning on renovations or extending your home. Plus, you’ll know how much lawn you need to mow and other maintenance requirements.

Safety Reasons

Fencing off your home is a great solution if you have little ones or pets scampering around. This will keep them confined to the backyard, so they don’t end up wandering around the neighborhood or on the road. Plut, fences shield your property from the wind, perfect for homes by the beach.

You can either hire a contractor or you can use a gas powered post driver to help you install the fence.

The Different Types of Fence Styles

You’ve learned the many benefits of installing fences so now it’s time to brainstorm fence style ideas. Luckily, the wide range means there’s something for everyone. Consider these fence types, for example:


This is the most quintessential American-style (hello white wooden picket fence!). A major advantage is how versatile it is as you can choose the height, style, and size depending on your needs. Plus, wood creates an inviting atmosphere for guests and works with many architectural designs. 

If you’re after privacy, install a cedar fence as it’s durable while looking stylish. It also resists decay and insects, so you don’t have to worry about much maintenance. To make sure the fence is secure, install it in a concrete base to ensure it’s safe from the elements. 

Those after a high-end wooden fence should consider redwood and teak, popular for their natural luster. Homeowners often use this type of wood for small enclosures like around a swimming pool or hot tub.


Also known as plastic fencing, vinyl is popular because it’s affordable and maintenance-free. You can also choose from a wide range of styles and colors which often mimic popular options like wood. Plus, there are no installation costs.

Chain Link 

Many homeowners with children and pets choose chain link fences because it keeps them safe. Another bonus is how it’s durable, maintenance-free, and easy to install. 

Although it won’t add to your home’s curb appeal, you can use it as a lattice for blooming plants to climb on or find a vinyl-coated style so you can choose the perfect color. 

If you’ve got livestock, then consider installing a barbed-wire fence. It means you can close off a larger area by stringing barbed wire between two wood or steel posts. But it’s important to note that this is best for rural homes, if you’re in a regular neighborhood then ask neighbors whether they’re happy with this option.

Plus, chain link can corrode where the mesh meets so you must upgrade it every few years.


Composite fences are a blend of wood fibers and plastic polymers. As a result, composite fences look like wood but with little maintenance as it’s not prone to rot. It’s wise to hire a professional to install your composite fence as it requires precision and after that, all you need is an occasional spray with plain water so it stays looking great. 


There’s an array of brick styles available like stucco, concrete, and stone that makes your home look more established. Because of their weight, these materials are more expensive and need a structural footing in case of the soil freezes over winter. 

If you don’t want the hassle, mix masonry with other fencing material like wood so it’s cheaper and low maintenance.

Those Are the Top Fence Styles

Now you know the best fence styles to consider for your home. 

Decide why you want to install a fence whether it’s for added privacy, security, or to elevate your home’s aesthetic. While browsing, consider the price of the material, installation costs, and maintenance so you can choose the best fence for you. Happy hunting!

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