4 Cat Care Tips You Need to Know

Cat ownership is a controversial topic. Perhaps you find cats too aloof and prefer the dependability of a canine companion. Or you’ve never quite experienced the joys of cat ownership when you know how to properly take care of your kitty. 

Research shows that cats are excellent companions for your mental and physical health. But how can you return the favor to make sure your cat thrives in its environment?

Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or a seasoned feline expert there’s always more you can do to properly care for your cat. Keep reading for the most important cat care tips you need to know. 

Cat Care: The Basics 

Despite their reputation, cats don’t require a lot to keep them content in their homes. Here are four more things to consider for a happy cat. 

1. Provide food and water 

Depending on the size and age of your cat, having a regular supply of food is a must. While kittens require a different feeding schedule, cats should be fed about twice a day. Cats aren’t known to share, so if you have more than one ensure that they each have a bowl of food in an easily accessible location. 

Fresh water is also vital for your cat’s well-being and should also be readily available. Ideally, place your cat’s water near its food and refill it once a day. 

2. Regular Health Check-Ups

When you first welcome your kitty to your home it’s vital that you make an appointment with a good veterinarian. Cats require vaccines against common feline illnesses from about 6 months old so find a trusted vet and keep your scheduled appointments. 

Cats are also known to hide away when they are sick or injured so keep an eye on your cat’s behavior and take them to the vet immediately if you suspect illness or injury. 

3. Stimulation and Attention

Although they do have a reputation for being distant when compared to dogs, cats thrive on attention. Cats should have a variety of toys, scratch pads, and climbers at their disposal. This is particularly important if your cat is restricted to indoors. 

However, this doesn’t mean that your job is done once you have a house filled with cat accessories. Cats love to play with their humans. Dedicate some time to your cat daily and engage them in play. Play is important for a cat’s development and can be equally fun for you! 

4. Keep Kitty Relaxed

Cats are often anxious and easily startled. Anxiety in cats is common when they’re introduced to a new environment or there’s a big change in your cat’s life or routine.

To keep your kitty relaxed, provide safe places for sleeping and hiding, and give them loads of love and attention. Even if they don’t enjoy being held or cuddled, soothing tones and kind words also make a big difference. 

Like humans, cat anxiety can also be treated and managed with CBD oil. This natural remedy is excellent for your cat’s health with benefits ranging from calming cats to pain management. When it comes to feline fixes there’s no better combination than CBD oil and cats

The Bottom (Fe)Line

Cats make excellent companions. If you’ve got the basics of cat care down, you’ll easily be able to create an environment where you and your kitty thrive off each other’s company. If you’ve made your home feline-friendly and you’re looking for more home-improvement tips, check out the rest of our DIY/Home improvement guides.