The 5 best life hacks you never knew

The best life hacks can organize your office and life in a way you can't begin to imagine ... photo by CC user gideonstrauss on flickr

Life can be hard sometimes, but by using your head, you can make it flow much smoother than before. The best life hacks you never knew will transform how you do things on a day to day basis, so get a notepad and pen ready so you can take some serious notes…!

photo by CC user Ih8passwords on imgur

1) Clean your keyboard with post-it notes

Got an embarrassingly dirty keyboard, but haven’t the first clue about how to go about cleaning it? Don’t shell out a wad of $20 bills to have some techie do it for you when you can use all those post-its you use to prop up your Swiss cheese memory to clean out all that riff-raff instead. The glue on the end of used notes is still plenty sticky enough to pick up hair, grit, and food crumbs that inevitably find their way between your keys, so thread it through the cracks before hauling your unit off to the shop.

photo by CC user us_mission_canada on Flickr

2) Never lose a business card again…

Many potential business opportunities start with the reception of a business card, only to end with a whimper because … umm … you misplaced it … oops! It happens to the best of us, so to combat this, simply take a picture of all the pertinent details on the card with your phone once you receive it. Problem solved!

photo by CC user Scott Ehardt on wikitravel

3) Can’t find dry brush to start a fire? Use Doritos

The campfire: it’s a time honored tradition of many outdoor adventures held during the summer season. Sometimes, conditions can be less than ideal though, as rain can take things like kindling sticks, brush, and pine needles, and render them unusable for fire starter material.

Got some Doritos?

Stick them under some newspaper and pile them under the wood that you’ll be using for your bonfire. These chips will (alarmingly) burn quickly, spread to the paper and then finally to the wood, saving the day and gaining you admiration from attractive strangers in attendance.

photo by CC user Prosavage2600 on wikimedia

4) Keep your cables organized with binder clips

How do cables underneath your desk turn into something resembling a pit of snakes? It’s hard to say how, but we know how to stop it from ending up like that. Take some binder clips and attach them to the back of your desk, then thread the business end of relevant cables through the metal loops until the male end is through. Make sure the clearance is tight enough to prevent the end from slipping back through to the floor.

photo by CC user eliantart on deviantart

5) Finish off your nutella jar … by putting ice cream in it!

Though one pays a dear price for this indulgence, there are few things that heal the soul better than a spoonful of Nutella. The saddest part comes when you reach the end of the jar, but there is a way to send off the last scraps in a blaze of flavor-filled glory.

By putting ice cream … in the jar. The delightful treat will melt and incorporate itself with the chocolatey spread, creating the best dessert you’ve had since … ever!