How Men and Women’s roles in the home have changed since the invention of the Dishwasher

We only need to wind the clocks back a few decades to be thrown into the clichéd housewife era many have been trying desperately to shake.  In the 80’s, the employment rate for women was roughly 44%. This increased by 12% as of 2010. What does this mean? Well, it shows a trend that now men are not the only forces behind the workforce, and women are not the only forces behind the housework.

With the advancements of technology, in a number of years, everything in our homes will be self-cleaning and self-maintaining. However, we are yet to reach that point and daily cleaning tasks are still a burden to most households.

The unlucky family member left to clean up after dinner gets to look on at the rest of the family gathered around the TV as they continue to wipe off spaghetti from multiple pots and pans. The logic of previous decades was that since the male breadwinner had been working all day and the wife hadn’t, it was fair for her to be delegated the task of cleaning up. Nevertheless, times have changed and now many husband and wife partners share the responsibility of earning an income, making the cleaning a shared task as well.

With a desire for the post-dinner clean-up to be as quick as possible, not all men are versed in the effort needed for clean dishes. Luckily though, dishwashers have come as a gift to households around the world ensuring clean dishes every time without the hard work.

Dishwashers at Harvey Norman present an enormous range, of which I’ve compared a few of the stand-outs.

The Fisher & Paykel 60cm Double DishDrawer encompasses functionality and reliability that even those unfamiliar with the complexities of technology, find easy to operate. There are nine different cycles that can be used across both drawers either at the same time or separately depending on the volume of dishes. Its SmartDrive space efficiency is matched with the workings of fan drying, water senses and an overall quiet performance. Safety is ensured with a child lock and a concealed control panel while the energy saving delay start means you can cut the cost of your electricity bills.

Its close competitor, the Bosch Serie 8 ActiveWater 60 Dishwasher has the specs to promise a thorough wash while keeping down water and energy usage and noise with SuperSilence technology. While some ‘hand-washers’ may rattle their brains over the water pressure and lather necessary to clean the aftermath of dinner, the Bosch Serie 8 has automatic programming which fine tunes water usage, temperature and rinse time to ensure clean dishes every time. The glass rack allows for taller glasses to be loaded and the HygeinePlus function and intensive zones include heightened temperatures and pressure for hard to clean dishes.

Click here for the Asko Fully Integrated Dishwasher, made especially for those who have little interest in the delights of washing dishes by hand. Its Super Cleaning Systems eradicates the need to rinse your dishes before stacking thanks to its capability to take out scraps before the main cycle. There are 12 programmed cycles available which can be scheduled 24 hours in advance so that even hubby can stack the dishes and have it automatically start on the program scheduled for him. The 14 place setting provides ample room for glasses, plates and other dishes with an effective turbo drying which reduces water spots.

The dreaded task of washing the dishes is no longer the burden of a 1950’s housewife. It is now as easy as stacking and with the press of a single button; the job is done saving you time, while delivering results each wash. Men and women alike can delight in the ease of use and reliability of a dishwasher which handles the dirty work for them, quite literally.