Tips to get the most out of your washing machine

How can you get more out of your washing machine? ... photo by CC user 89618128@N00 on Flickr

Doing the laundry is one chore that most of us simply hate. Add to that, the cost of running a washing machine daily is worrisome. However, to help you out with this worry, listed below are some of the best tips to make your washing machine more energy efficient and reduce its running costs:

  • Star it up!

With appliance brands becoming more and more environment conscious, their products reflect so too. Opt for, or upgrade to a washing machine which is Energy Star certified. This means that the more the stars on your washing machine specifications, the better it is at energy efficiency. You could get these energy efficient washing machines for a lesser price at the Amazon Great Indian Sale 2016.

  • Wash it cold

Did you know that almost 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is to simply heat the water up? You could save energy and money on this by opting to cold wash your clothes instead. This will also ensure that your fabrics and material retain their color longer.

  • Spin faster

Logically, the more you spin the clothes, the lesser you’ll need to dry it. So opt for a faster spin cycle so that you don’t require the dryer to run much. This will help you to save costs on the drying cycle.

  • Clean the filter

The filter may accumulate lint post wash cycles which may reduce the amount of air circulation in the machine; this may result in more energy required for the drying process which in turn results in more costs. To counter this, it is advisable to clean the filter regularly.

  • Soak before washing

In case you have some resistant marks and stains on your clothes, soak them before you put them in the washer. This will loosen the stain particles, limiting the need to double wash the clothes. This will help you to save power.

  • Auto dry

Opt for auto-drying instead of manually setting a timer. In case your laundry dries quicker than anticipated, the machine doesn’t lose energy unnecessarily.

  • Opt for a full load

Often, we do not fully load the washing machine, as we don’t have enough clothes to wash or dry. This is especially the case when there are few people in the family or the washing machine has a bigger capacity than needed. Point is, whenever you operate your machine, it uses the same amount of electricity for a full load or a lesser load. So, to make optimal use of the wash cycle, wait until you have a full load to wash, and save on the energy costs.

  • Get a front loading machine

A top-loading machine uses 2/3rd more water than a front-loading one. More water translates to more energy needed to heat the water. So, to save on these costs, opt for a front-loading washing machine.

Follow these tips and see how your home power bills reduce from now on!