4 Tips for Your Teen When They Get a Driver’s License


Is your teen about to get his or her driver’s license

For millions of parents nationwide, that day can be a mixed blessing.

On the one hand, you’re happy that they’re gaining some independence, taking one big step in their young lives.

On the flip side, you might very well be fraught with the idea of your teen being out there with all those crazy drivers.

So that your experience as the parent of a teen driver doesn’t drive you nuts, make sure you emphasize safety.

Sure, you don’t want to come across as a neurotic parent, but you do want to be a responsible one nonetheless.

Be sure to find a happy balance, one that shows your teen how much you care about their roadway safety.

Teaching Your Young One Roadway Safety

For the new driver in the family, make sure you stress to your teen the following tips:

1. Vehicle driving habits

The top item on your list is showing your teen the importance of good driving habits.

As an example, remind them of these essential needs:

  • Obey the rules of the road. This includes speed limits, using turn signals, and not tailgating.
  • Never get distracted when behind the wheel. This includes avoiding using cell phones, talking to passengers, and personal grooming habits.

Although your teen may feel like you are nagging them, remind them that you want them home safe and sound.

2. Vehicle maintenance

Now that your teen has a license, the need for responsibility is even more important.

As such, your teen should make sure the vehicle they use is maintained.

You will likely take care of the finances, but teach them the importance of checking vehicle needs.

This includes checking the oil, tire pressure, and making sure the vehicle is as clean as possible.

By doing this at an early age, they will grow up to be responsible vehicle owners.

3. Vehicle offerings

Whether you provide a family car for your teen or they end up buying their own at some point, what does it offer?

Given teens are a little rambunctious on the roads; it doesn’t hurt to have the safest vehicle possible for them.

For instance, you can show them why a wireless backup camera system makes sense.

The devices lessen the chances of your teen rear-ending another vehicle or pedestrian.

If the vehicle your teen will be driving doesn’t have such a device, you can go out and buy one for them.

This is one more way to keep your son or daughter safe when they take to the roads.

4. Respecting the vehicle

Another important piece of advice to pass along to your teen is that they respect the vehicle they drive.

Keep in mind that it is a privilege to have a driver’s license and a vehicle to use.

That vehicle can get them far in life, but it means being responsible at the same time.

Always remind them that the vehicle is capable of doing some bad things if not properly operated. Serious accidents can happen at the snap of a finger, so never take roadway safety for granted.

When your teen has respect for the vehicle, the roads, and of course other drivers, things tend to work out fine.