Protect Your Family and Property 24/7

Do you ever stop for a moment at home and look around, wondering if you and your family (for those not living on their own) are truly as safe as can be?

If you take time these days to read the newspapers/online news, perhaps watch the news on television, you oftentimes hear of shootings, robberies, burglaries and the like. As a result, people (including many homeowners and/or renters) are being injured in their own homes or apartments, even dying in some cases.


With that in mind, protecting you and the ones you love almost seems to be turning into a 24/7/365 job these days.

That said there are a number of security measures you can deploy around your residence, measures that should make it more difficult for you and/or your loved ones to be harmed.

Making Your Residence as Safe as Can Be

In order to make your residence as safe as can be, keep these ideas at and near the top of the list:

  • Gun

Okay, some people are dead-set against guns, but there is also a large percentage of the population thinking otherwise. When you are part of the latter group, you may very well have the answer you were looking for in home protection.

In countless cases, it was a homeowner or renter with a gun that ended up saving their life and those around them (family etc.). Don’t ever feel like you are doing something wrong by having a gun at your residence for protection, especially when many people who will try (and in some cases successfully) break-in are armed too.

That being the case, it is wise to find your perfect holster, keep your gun/s in a safe place in the home, and always make sure any children in the home are unable to get to them.

  • Security

Whether you own or rent your residence, having a home security system in place is always a good deterrent.

Even though some systems for one reason or another fail to do the job at times, they work more times than not. Best of all, they are rather easy to install, though save your handyman skills for other projects and let the pros handle this one.

As a result, you (and authorities) can be alerted to any home intrusions, intrusions that oftentimes turn out to be more than just a casual break-in to steal a few items here and there.

When looking for the right security system, remember to focus on:

  • What the system offers and at what price
  • How long the system provider has been around and its experience level in protecting homeowners and renters
  • Customer testimonials from those individuals and families impacted in a positive manner by having a system in their residence.
  • Commonsense

Finally, how smart are you when it comes to not tipping your hands as to coming and going about your residence?

In many cases, homeowners and renters unwittingly tip-off criminals giving the latter the upper-hand so they can strike at the perfect time.

For instance, using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to talk about when you are away from home is essentially leaving your front door unlocked.

In the event you are going away for a business trip, a vacation, even just going about your daily schedule, don’t broadcast it to the world, especially on social networking sites.

When the time comes to go on a trip (for any reason), wait until you return home to post notes and images from the experience.

It is also a good idea to vary your routine, thereby lessening the chances someone casing your residence for a possible break-in or worse will have your daily schedule firmly down.

Protecting you and your family (if you live with others) doesn’t have to be all that difficult.

At the end of the day, it usually just means staying one step ahead of the criminals.