Tips To Help You Find a Handyman


A handyman, labourer or contractor is someone who can complete a variety of different home improvement repairs. Some handymen have formal training while others are self-trained in various aspects of home repair and construction. Many handymen specialise in a particular area, such as carpentry, painting or home maintenance. Others may have additional skills or licenses that allow them to make plumbing, electrical or HVAC repairs.

Since no national standard or permit regulates handymen, it can be difficult to know what to look for to find one that is reliable, affordable and performs high-quality work. Learning how to vfind a good handyman is critical. If you choose the wrong handyman or contractor, you might end up receiving poor-quality work or getting overcharged. If you pick a contractor that does not carry the right insurance, you might even be sued if they are injured while on your property.
So, how do you find the right handyman to take care of your home repairs? Here are four tips on things to look for when choosing a contractor or handyman.

#1 Determine What Work You Need to Have Done
Since not all handymen can perform all types of work; you need to have a solid list of work that you want to be performed. Do you need general maintenance, painting or yard work? Or, will the jobs that you have require someone with plumbing skills? Some jobs, such as repairing garage doors and working on HVAC systems require specific licenses for safety reasons. Narrowing down what work you need will help you find the right person for the job.

#2 Ask Friends and Family to Recommend Someone
One of the best ways to find a good handyman is to ask your friends, family or neighbours to recommend someone. If you are on a neighbourhood site like Nextdoor, ask your neighbours for referrals. Many homeowners already have established good relationships with local contractors and can recommend them. Asking for referrals can also help you know who to avoid. If you post on Nextdoor, for instance, you can also ask your neighbours if there is anyone that they would advise that you not use. This can save you a lot of time and help you avoid the hassle of dealing with a shady contractor.

#3 Make Sure That the Handyman Is Licensed, Insured and Bonded
Many homeowners are tempted to hire someone without checking to see whether they are licensed or insured. Avoid hiring a handyman that is not licensed. Making sure that they are bonded and have handyman public liability insurance can protect you from being sued. It can also protect your interests if they unintentionally do significant damage to your home.

#4 Get a Written Estimate
Before allowing a contractor or handyman to start work on your home repairs, make sure that you get a written estimate that breaks down material or labour costs. An estimate does not have to be exact, but it should be within 10 percent of the cost.

Hopefully by following the above tips, you’ll find yourself the perfect handyman.