5 Tips in Locating the Best Storage Center


Whether you are in need of storage for a temporary move or holding items too numerous for your current residence, it is important to locate the best storage center possible.

While there are a number of reasons you want the best center available, some stand out more than others.

That said how do you go about finding the best facility for your needs?

You can turn to the Internet, rely on word-of-mouth suggestions from family and friends, and even do you own searching by driving around the community.

When all is said and done, make sure you find a facility that meets all or most of your needs, giving you a stress-free experience.

Location and Security Are Two Keys

In order to get your possessions properly stored, remember the following tips:

  1. Location – At or near the top of your priority list, be sure to find a storage facility in a safe and secure neighborhood. With all you have going on in life, the last thing you want is worrying about your possessions regularly. Along with using the Internet and/or word-of-mouth to locate a facility, visit any and all you consider personally. Your self storage facility of choice should include not only a good neighborhood, but one that is easy access from your current residence. If you are storing the items long-term due to being away from home (substantial work travel, military service etc.), you still want a safe environment. The facility should be well versed in proper security techniques (see below);
  2. Security – Don’t settle on a storage facility where security is an afterthought. Keep in mind that it just takes one break-in for your items to be stolen or damaged. While you hopefully have renter’s insurance, avoid becoming complacent in the process. Your storage facility of choice should include secure units in terms of locks and video protection. Anyone entering the grounds should be required to have a key or electronic password code. Also look to see if the facility has proper fencing around it to keep those who are not customers out. Lastly, do your best to find out from local police reports if there have been an inordinate amount of crime issues in the area over time.

Pricing Certainly Does Matter

  1. Costs – While the prices may vary for each storage center, you will typically find pricing to be approximately the same for comparable facilities. Also look to see if there are any specials that you can take advantage of. These deals could include the first month’s free etc. Most importantly, be sure to read all contract terms, thereby avoiding any hidden surprises. Even though the majority of centers are on the up-and-up, you don’t want to work with one where you get taken for a ride. This will also help you keep your financial house in order, hopefully preventing any monetary issues;
  2. Spacing – Given most storage centers have a variety of size options available, it may behoove you to take one that is slightly bigger than you currently require. In doing so, you will have a little extra room for items in the event you accumulate more stuff. This will also prevent you from having to cram stuff in and/or get rid of stuff if space becomes an issue;
  3. Service – Finally, it can be hard to assess a company’s customer service when you have not done business with them in the past. That said do your best to get details on any center’s customer service habits before agreeing to store your goods. You can turn to the Internet to read online reviews, though keep them in context. The reason for this is they may be a little tainted if the customer had a bad experience. Also ask around to family and friends, seeing where they have stored items in the past (or currently do so). They can oftentimes be your best source for feedback.

Storing your possessions temporarily or for many months to come can seem like a daunting task.

Make it a little less stressful by doing your homework before you even move one item into a storage center.