Will a DWI Alter Your Life for Years to Come?



Have you been pulled over and charged with driving under the influence (DWI)?

For those having been in this position, it is uncomfortable to say the least. Not only can a DWI have far-reaching consequences in terms of one’s driving record, it can also impact their financial standing, along with providing negative fallout in one’s career.

That said getting a DWI charge doesn’t automatically mean one will be convicted.

If he or she has a criminal defense lawyer willing to go the distance for them, the results can prove fruitful.

When the time comes to call Houston DWI lawyers or those closer to where you live, will you make the right call?

Where Do You Turn for Legal Help?

In getting behind the wheel allegedly drunk, you put your life and the lives of others at risk.

Now that you are sober to see where things stand, are you prepared to fight for your freedom? If so, you want a criminal defense lawyer to not only answer your questions, but make all the right moves when it comes to the prosecution. This is why taking a little bit of time to research area criminal defense professionals will prove worth your time and effort.

One of the ways to go about finding a DWI lawyer is the Internet.

Before the worldwide web, most criminal defense professionals used newspapers, magazines, TV and radio ads, even word-of-mouth to reach out to prospective clients. In today’s digital age, that has changed quite substantially.

Many criminal defense lawyers in 2016 are not only using their company’s websites to attract new clients, but also social networking sites. As a result, prospective clients simply need to do a little web surfing when in need of legal assistance.

Along with most lawyers having informational websites, a sizable number of them can also be found on social media.

One of the advantages in turning to social media is you can oftentimes get feedback from clients. Look to their responses like:

  • Were the lawyer and his or her team professional and achieve the desired results?
  • Did the legal professionals do everything they said they were going to do?
  • Were the legal fees charged within reason?

Finding the right legal assistance can swing the outcome one way or the other, so don’t take such an important decision for granted.

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

In meeting with your defense team, be sure to provide them anything and everything they need in terms of information.

Some of the important items to share include:

  • Your blood alcohol at the time you were stopped and investigated;
  • If law enforcement did everything by the book, including reading you your rights;
  • Any verbal or video evidence to counter what police and/or the prosecution is claiming;
  • Your criminal history (if there is one). If this was your first DWI, you could get off with just a fine and temporary suspension of your driver’s license.

Your Future

Even if you win your DWI case and the charges are dropped, will it serve as a wakeup call?

Remember, just because you did not get in an accident this time around while driving intoxicated doesn’t mean it can’t happen the next time.

For the sake of your own health and others around you (including strangers), don’t think you are indestructible, especially with a few drinks in your system.

As any credible criminal defense lawyer will tell you, drinking and driving has so many potential pitfalls that it simply is not worth the risk.

If you had some anxiety at the time you were pulled over by law enforcement, imagine how much worse that would be if your actions injured (perhaps fatally) someone. Your life (and the lives of others) would be altered forever.

Simply put; any first-time DWI offense should not lead to a second, a third etc.

Learn from your mistake today to prevent an even worse scenario tomorrow.