6 Tips on Preventing Workplace Fires for Small Businesses

There are thousands of workplace fires every year, causing unnecessary deaths and over 100 million dollars in property damage. Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent disasters like this.

In this article, we’ll tell you what steps you can take to prevent this kind of damage to your small business. Follow our tips to keep you and your employees safe.

How to Stop Workplace Fires

While some steps are probably common sense to most folks, there are some things you may not have thought of to prevent office fires. Here are six easy tips to ensure you and your employees have a safe work environment.

1. Educate Your Employees

Fire safety is something that many people don’t think about until it’s too late. Educating your employees on simple fire safety measures and protocols in case of a fire outbreak in the building will go a long way in keeping everyone safe.

Teach them common causes of fires as well as how to use fire safety equipment.

2. Buying Fire Extinguishers

Having the right fire extinguishers is probably the easiest step you can take to keep your business safe. Make sure to have the right types available, as there are different kinds of fires.

Train your employees on the use of each kind and make sure that everyone is aware of their location. Keep them somewhere that is easy and quick to access.

3. Designated Smoking Areas

Designating specific areas for smoking is an important step in preventing fires. Keep in mind that it should be a good distance from the building. Providing ashtrays for employees will help prevent fires started by lit cigarettes.

4. Store Everything Safely

If your business has any flammable materials or chemicals that need to be stored, it’s important that everyone is storing them safely. Chemicals will have safety information on their containers, making it easy to know how to store them properly.

Keeping flammable materials away from possible ignition sources is key. Ensure that the working environment is tidy not just for office organization but also to prevent these materials from becoming fire tinder.

5. Do Regular Office Maintenance

While having the right equipment is important, it’s also necessary that all the equipment is up to code and in working order. You can schedule regular office maintenance to ensure all your fire protection gear is ready to go in case of an emergency.

6. Keep the Exits Clear

Ensuring that all exits are clear is one of the biggest things you can do to keep your employees safe. It’s easy to get complacent about simple precautions like this, and that’s why it’s so important not to forget it.

Stay Safe

You can prevent workplace fires in your building by following these six easy tips. Make sure everyone in the office is aware of fire safety protocols and that your equipment is properly stored and ready to use.

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