How to Vape: A Simple Guide for Beginners

If you have ever walked behind someone who has been vaping, you know how good the smell can be. That puffy cloud of smoke is not like a traditional cigarette.

The smoke you see from a vaping pen is different. It has different smells, but all of them good. It doesn’t feel like it is going to choke you like some regular cigarettes do. If you have ever wanted to know how to vape, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Vape

Most people use vaping as a replacement for traditional smoking. This is not always the case, though. Some people enjoy using a vape and have never tried a cigarette before.

The cloud puff you see from a vape is not real smoke. Nothing burns in a vape. It is liquid that evaporates. Vaping and smoking are not the same.

There some vape tricks you should know. One is to know how to use a vape pen. You want to take longer, gentle puffs than you would a normal cigarette. This gives the pen coil time to generate enough vapor for that satisfying cloud you see.

You will find there are different nicotine levels as well. Pick the one that suits your cravings and needs. If you are a former cigarette smoker you may want more nicotine, at least starting off. If not, you may prefer a little less.

Remember to give it some time. When you first learn how to use a vape, it takes some getting used to for most people. Be patient and give yourself time to adjust.

Using Your Vape Pen

When you learn how to hit a vape, one thing you need to know is how to fill the liquid. This is not hard but it is something most people don’t know when they start. You can check out the different kinds of products that are available.

You will either unscrew the top portion of the pen or the base. You will tilt the pen and fill the tank of it. You don’t want to get liquid in the center hole so be careful when pouring.

There is also an atomizer coil that you will need to replace from time to time. You will know it is time to replace it when the vaping taste changes. You may notice the vaping cloud is not as pronounced.

Again, this will be at the top or bottom, depending on the kinds of vapes you use. You will unscrew the coil and screw in the new one. You will then screw the base back in.

Is It For You?

Once you learn how to vape, it can be something you enjoy a lot. Many people find it relaxing and fun to do. There are many flavors to choose from so finding one you like won’t be hard.

Getting the hang of it is easy and there are different kinds of vapes available. You can mix it up and decide what is perfect for you. Follow us for more great tips like these!