How To Get An Accurate Valuation Of Your Art Deco Engagement Ring

Get a fair rate for your Art Deco Engagement Ring

Image by Voltaire Diamonds via Flickr

When you have an Art Deco engagement ring, you are carrying something with extreme high value on your finger. Not only this, but most rings in this category are in high demand too. Why? Because their design boasts that of the historical era and carries much insight into the optimistic outlook and developments during that time.

Through your engagement ring, you can not only see the beautiful craftsmanship but you can see the perspective of people from that timeframe which is in itself, priceless. This is why this style of ring is becoming increasingly popular for people’s engagement.

If you are still on the lookout for the perfect Art Deco ring however, knowing a reputable source or two goes a long way in making your purchase easier and less risky. For example, when you purchase antique art deco engagement rings by Kalmar Antiques you are guaranteed to get the real deal. With their renowned name in Australia for the finest antique jewellery, you know you are going to a reputable source for your art-deco engagement ring.

Due to the high price tag these pieces come with however, you will want to ensure you get a trustworthy and accurate valuation. It is not rare for rings from this era to come with astonishingly high standards in craftsmanship and design. Not to mention the diamonds are normally of the highest clarity and come with a pristine finish.

It’s no secret however that since the 1980s, replicas and fakes have been produced. This is yet another reason why you must go to a reliable source to get your Deco ring valuated accurately.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

You need to go to the top antique retailers around

To ensure you are buying an authentic engagement ring from this time period, you need to seek advice from people who know what they’re talking about and have been in the industry for years. Not only this, but they must have a proven reputation for quality and reliability.

  • Expect them to check the condition – The condition of this historical piece is one major decider in the amount it will fetch. H

The professionals you go to will need to be specifically trained to deal with antique jewelery. So check to see what qualifications they have before the valuation process begins. igh value items will be the ones with the least signs of wear and tear and now missing gems to be seen. As Kalmar Antiques Australia have been operating in this industry for decades, they know exactly what to expect in an authentic piece that’s in great condition.

  • If you send your ring to be valuated make sure it is fully covered. Ensuring you have adequate insurance for the transportation and storage of your Art Deco ring is very important if you plan to send off for valuation.
  • You should expect a top quality/ well-equipped lab during valuation. The best of the best will make sure they expect your ring in world class facilities that ensure you get the most accurate appraisal possible.

Now you have more of an idea of valuating your Art Deco engagement ring accurately, you can search for the right jewelers in confidence. It’s worth spending the time and effort for an item with value this high so never settle if you feel somethings not right!