John Robert Powers on Tips to Be a Model

Do you think that you have what it takes to become a model? If so then it is wise to learn and understand exactly what it takes to make it in this industry. It is for this reason that we spoke to some of the guys here in Chicago from the John Robert Powers modeling agency, to see just what it takes to become a successful model. The guys were kind enough to give us a full review of what being a model is like and shared with us some tips on how you can become the next star of the modeling world.

Caring For Yourself

The most important thing when it comes to becoming a successful model is you, remembering that you are the product that you are selling is very important indeed. With this in mind then it is absolutely vital that you take care of yourself so that you look your best at all times. This means getting to the gym for exercise, using creams and products to ensure that your skin and hair look great and avoiding temptations and vices which can make you look bad. Don’t forget the importance of looking good at all times.

Building a Following

Modeling agencies no longer base their model selection on looks alone and many models have found careers because of the work that they have done before getting signed. We live in a world where you can utilize social media to build up an online following way before you even consider going for a job. When you do this you are forcing the hand of the modeling agency because they can already see that you clearly have public appeal. Use Instagram to share awesome snaps of you and try your best to build an online following.

Inner Strength

If you want to be successful in this career you need to have extremely thick skin and expect a great deal of failure to come your way. This industry is hyper competitive and that means that most people will lose more times than they win. Once you understand this and prepare yourself for failure, the whole process will become a lot easier indeed. This is not to say that you should ever expect to fail, you just shouldn’t be too disappointed if you don’t get the gig.


Making friends throughout the industry can really help you out and you should be focussed on building relationships with many stake holders. From fashion designers to modeling executives, it is important that you are putting in as much effort as possible to ensure that you can find the success that you want. As they often say, it isn’t what you know but who you know that will help you to find success, and that is very true when it comes to the world of modeling.

Work hard, look good and stay strong, you will make it.