The Latest One Piece Swimsuit Styles will knock your Socks Off

It used to be that if one wanted to look great on the beach, it was atoss-up between being scantily clad or dressing like granny from yesteryear. But the recent publicity of modern plus size models like Ashley Graham, who was on the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Edition, has allowed women worldwide to embrace their various body styles and the fashion industry is keeping up with the trend. Unlike what is seen in a single store, through the online swimsuit market there are countless styles available in a range of sizes for the perfect individualized match.

Whether it’s a halter top, scrappy back pieces, bunched gathering or cheetah print options, one piece swimsuit styles are now nearly limitless — especially if you shop online. Crossover tops, layers of large ruffles, skirted bottoms and gathered material along the seam lines down the whole piece seem to be topping the latest trends for one piece swimsuits for women. Have a look at to peruse the sudden explosion of plus size options available. Amy Preiser, author of the Los Angeles Times article “The State of The Plus-Size Fashion Industry? Much Improved-With Much To Go,” lays out modern plus size fashion progress and cites the work of activists Nadia Aboulhosn, Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason’s influence on the industry. 

These and other One Piece Swimsuit Styles are taking the plus size market by storm

These fashion personalities have teamed up with fashion design companies to place aesthetics above body types in the design of modern swimsuits. What was once a market ignored and stigmatized is now growing into a multi-billion dollar industry.However, many brick-and-mortar stores have been slow to adapt to this sudden sea-change. But like with most modern revolutions, the changes can first be seen online.

Online plus size retailers offer a number of advantages over traditional mall or big box stores including:

  • Wider selection due to low overhead
  • Better offseason options
  • Home delivery options
  • Removal of fitting room anxiety
  • Styles ranging from swidresses to skirtinis to tankinis
  • Traditional bikinis or high-waisted bikinis
  • Vibrant or floral one-pieces

No matter what style of swimsuit a plus size woman wears, the importance lies in being confident. Shopping online for swimsuits at a trusted retailer like swimsuitsforall is more beneficial than going to a brick and mortar location because of the vast number of styles available. Shopping online is also more convenient for some people and requires a minimal amount of effort. The absence of pushy salespeople is an advantage to shopping online as well. Not to mention, finding swimsuits during the off season can be a challenge in a department store, whereas online they are available year round. 

Ashley Graham and women like her have helped pave the way for one piece swimsuits that complement the body and shape of any and all women. Thanks to the growing trends in the promotion of plus size fashion industry, the latest swimsuit styles can be sexy or conservative yet trendy or anywhere in between, and fashion forward women can now pop online and find the perfect swimsuit to match their own diva desires no matter their body type.