How you Can Escape a Life of Debt

Being in debt is not always a bad thing, a large percentage of people rely on credit and loans to fund their lives, it allows people to purchase things without saving for them and it gives people monthly financial flexibility. Problems arise when debt isn’t managed well or when people borrow beyond their means, when this happens it often starts a cycle of debt where these people borrow more to compensate for old debt payments and interest. Very quickly mountains of debt can emerge that you simply cannot pay back, if you find yourself in such a situation then here are some tips as to how you can escape from under the debt.


Stop Borrowing

It may sounds simple but borrowing more money to pay off old debts so that you can get them off your back is not the best approach. The only time this should be considered is if you are paying astronomical interest on a loan or finance deal and you can get a better rate elsewhere. The reason for avoiding this is that you  have proven that you cannot manage debt responsibly so moving from one creditor to the other is unlikely to solve anything at all, it will just move the problem to a later date.

Face Facts

The worse thing that you can do when in debt is to be ignorant to it, if you are ignoring phone calls and letters from creditors then this is never going to help you. Spend a day looking at all of the people to whom you owe money and make a list of how much you owe to each. Once you have done this, make a list of your total income and your total necessary monthly spends and be honest with yourself. When you have completed both lists then it is time to start calling your creditors, talk with them about your situation and make deals with them to arrange payment plans or the freezing of interest, you’ll be surprised at how many of the creditors will be supportive of your situation and give you a manageable monthly plan.

Second Income

A second income could prove crucial for paying off your debts, it may not be comfortable, you may work long hours and you may feel that you are working for nothing. The goal of debt freedom however, enables you to relax without looking over your shoulder, something that will make the work worthwhile. If a second job is hard to find then look online for freelance jobs or survey work that will pay extra cash, if you know what you are doing then you could also use gambling sites like to quickly turn small change into big bucks to pay off your debts but be careful as there is always risk attached with online gambling. There are plenty of ways to make money online and it could save you from the mountain of debt that is piling up.

Cut Costs

It is vital that you consider what you spend your money on each month and whether they are necessary spends or not. Frivolous spending will do you no favors at all when it comes to paying off your debts and whilst it may only seem like small change, it will soon add up. It isn’t easy to cut costs from your life but in situations like this, needs must. There are plenty of great apps out there that help you track your spends so maybe you should look into using something like that to get a full picture of where your money goes, spend less and pay off more, the debt will soon be reduced.