Personalize the Galaxy S7 with a Skin

Most of us know to put some time into researching our next mobile, to make sure we’re getting the best specs for our budget. But the work doesn’t end once that phone is in your hands. Despite how advanced the latest Galaxy S7 is, it’s lacking in both protection and personalized style. You need to consider how you’ll enhance both before you’re willing to take it out in the wild world, where accidents, rough surfaces, and sharp objects can put your phone in jeopardy. Accessorizing your cell becomes you next responsibility, and you’ve got to make sure what it adds matches the award-winning aesthetics of the S7. When style is just as important as security, taking steps to personalize the Galaxy S7 with a vinyl skin will prove to be a wise decision.

A cool skin is the perfect way to Personalize the Galaxy S7


Vinyl is a study yet flexible plastic that’s perfect for the S7. Its durable material protects the phone from physical wear and tear that can cause scratches, nicks, and gouges. With one wrapped around your cell, you won’t have to worry about these cosmetic blemishes ruining the S7’s good looks, as the vinyl will take the brunt of the damage instead of the chassis, bezels, or buttons. Attached much like a sticker, it covers every bit of the phone except for its touchscreen.

When it’s covering such a large portion of the phone, it’s important that you choose a skin that offers a precision fit. Be careful when looking for providers. While some will use vinyl in their designs, not all of them will cut it to the exact specifications of the Galaxy S7. Invested designers, on the other hand, like dbrand, will create a precise blueprint that matches Samsung’s designs to the micro-millimeter. The best Galaxy skins from dbrand will fit like a glove, not just covering but enhancing the look and feel of the backing, bezels, and buttons. You’ll never have to worry about cumbersome material or poorly-cut vinyl interfering with your thumbs as you play around with your phone because they’ve been made to measure.

The surface of the skin works in tandem with its fit, too. The texturized material improves the overall purchase of the phone, offering your hands more to grip onto, making it less likely for you to drop your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you’re snapping, texting, or playing a game, you’ll find it easier to keep your S7 in your fingers and away from the floor. That very same texture also makes it easy to clean and keep grime-free.

But let’s talk about aesthetics. It’s part of the reason why you want such an accessory for your phone. Luckily, the vinyl used in the best skins Galaxy S7 users prefer can be refined to take on a variety of different looks. Once you find a provider you can trust to deliver on fit, you’ll notice just how much choice you have. You can mix textures like cement, wood, metallic, carbon fiber with true colors like magenta, yellow, and green to customize a look that’s totally you. But those aren’t your only options. To find out what they are, open up a new tab and discover the selection that awaits you.

With so many options, you may find it hard to narrow it down to just one design. Thankfully, skins are an affordable addition to your phone, so you can always make more than just one. Make one for every day use and one for special occasions, or create a whole bevy of skins to switch between. Consider it a reward for all of the hard work you invested in finding the S7 and locating the best skins.