Career Choices That Can Make You Big Money

When considering what a successful career means, the majority of people would probably say power and money, there are a few who may say that they just want to be happy but in reality, the lure of power and success are often enough to sacrifice a little bit of pleasure. The idea that money can’t buy happiness is foolish, money can buy happiness, what money can’t buy is joy. Happiness exists in the moments, the purchases of something amazing, the wonderful trips and vacations that money facilitates or the huge house that you live in. Joy on the other hand is what comes from emotional happiness such as love, family, health and freedom.


There is no guaranteed recipe for joy, but for happiness you just need the money, to do so you will need to go after a high salary and here are some of the careers that can help you do so.


The ultimate position when it comes to power and money, CEOs make up the largest portion of the World’s richest people and if you want to hit the big bucks then this is where you should be heading. To become a CEO like Patrick Imbardelli, Jeff Brazos or Sergey Brin then you are going to need to do one of two things, have a great idea or work your butt off in your company to reach the top. CEOs have certain skills that you need to emulate, hard working, driven, relentless in their approach, forward thinking and ultimately, to be a great leader, if you have these skills then pursuing the dream role of a CEO is what you should be working towards.


Once again ticking the boxes for being high paid career where you can exert your power is that of a lawyer, it will take hard work to achieve and many years of law school before you pass the bar but once you gain your law degree then the legal world is your oyster. Lawyers can command large fees and the more cases that they win, the more they can charge. Working for a law firm will pay well but starting your own is where the real money lies. It is important that you are not only successful with your cases in this career but also that you build a solid network or people in the industry to reach the top.


The medical industry is the highest earning sector in the United States, it will take years of study and lots of hard work but once you have earned your medical license then you will also have a license to print money. These are the top paid specialist medical jobs in the industry:

– Surgeon

– Dentist

– Cardiologist

– Urologist

– Oncologist

– Dermatologist


All of these professions can earn you well over $300,000 per year and despite them taking up a great deal of your time, you will be healthily rewarded with your salary.