How to Deliver an Awesome Public Speech

Public speaking is something that drives the fear of god into many people and the very idea of standing up in front of a crowd of people and delivering oration is something that most people wouldn’t want to do if their lives depended on it. The truth is that speaking in front of a crowd is not that difficult, nor that scary and in order to do so you just need to plan right and follow a few handy tips.


There are always times where a public speech may be necessary, perhaps you need to give a speech as part of a project at school or maybe you have been enlisted as a best man and need to give the dreaded speech to friends and family. Whatever the reasons are for having to give a public speech, here is how you can make it go off without a hitch.

Write it Down

Some people are born to speak publicly, I watched a video of Nigerian pastor and prophet TB Joshua recently who is an outstanding public speaker who has the ability to give a great talk right off the top of his head. Most of us cannot do that and it is vital that you write down each part of your speech to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes when the time comes. Writing down your speech allows you to properly craft it and work out how you will deliver each point clearly and in a well formed way.


The success of your speech comes down to the preparation, firstly you will need to write it down and then you will need to practice it as much as humanly possible. The more you practice your speech the more confidence you will have when you actually need to give it because it will be registered in your brain. Try recurring yourself as you give the practice speech and then watch it back to pick out any parts of it which you need to improve upon, continue this process three or four times until you know exactly how best to deliver your speech.

Body Language and Tone

Once you have sufficiently practiced your speech and the time comes to deliver it, you should not worry about messing it up as you will have practiced a great deal. The next step is to ensure that you nail the delivery of your speech and in order to do so you need to use body language and tone of voice. Using your arms and hands, pacing the stage and raising and lowering the volume and tone of your voice will help to keep the audience engaged, captivated and entertained. Once you see the audience reacting positively to your speech, it will make the whole thing go far easier for you, you may even enjoy it.

It sounds easy but try to relax, all you are doing is saying words in a loud voice in front of people and though you may be scared to death, as yet nobody has ever died because of a public speech.