Where Should You Be Investing Your Hard Earned Money

I was chatting with a few friends in a local restaurant a few years ago and we all realized that we were sat on savings which no longer had much of a purpose. We were all above the age of 50, had paid off our homes, put our kids through college and had enough income to vacation twice a year. Any big spends that would be required such as house renovations could be more than covered by our savings and in all honesty I felt a little sad that I had saved all my life and that my savings weren’t enough for me to flash the cash at every opportunity yet equally I wasn’t in a position where I was desperate for money.


After the conversation I made a decision to put my savings to work and set out on a plan to grow my wealth. Here are some of the areas that I invested in and some of the ways which you too can use to increase your savings.

Real Estate

I started off with something that I knew a bit about, real estate, I have bought and sold properties throughout the years as my family grew and so I felt comfortable putting my money in bricks and mortar. I decided to start off small and bought out-of-town 2 apartments for $50,000 each, I invested a little in renovation and had tenants quite quickly. Here I am 3 years down the line with steady revenue coming in by way of rental and I have just sole one of the apartments for $83,000. I plan on investing my profit in more apartments and seeing how much I can grow this side of my investments.

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are an attractive proposition with regards to going your investment and you can see huge sides to this side of the financial market. What companies like Kingstown Capital Management will do, the company that I use, is to pool a large sum of money from multiple investors, they will then use the large some of money to invest in long-term stock opportunities. Because of the high amount of cash which they have on hand, they are able to work on short selling stocks to kick back steady profits whilst they can still maintain the long term asset. Have a chat with a management firm and see if this could be an option for you, if so, there are strong profits out there just waiting for you.

Oil Futures

My latest venture is with oil futures, a contract which states at what price oil will be on a set date in the future, if it is above the price on our contract you can guarantee your contract’s price. Theses contracts can be bought and sold throughout the life of the contract depending on the current oil price. I have two contracts expiring soon and both look set to gain my quite a bit of money. If you want to invest in oil futures then I suggest that you follow my lead and spend at least 6 months researching the industry before taking a leap with your own money.