Four Reasons Serviced Apartments are Better Than Hotels

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, picking the right type of accommodation for your stay will make all the difference to your experience. When it comes to accommodation options, there are several different ones to look into. Serviced apartments are becoming more and more popular with all kinds of travellers and it’s easy to see why – they offer a level of security and privacy that’s hard to find in a hotel room, not to mention the additional space, freedom, and feeling of staying in a ‘home from home’. With that in mind, we’ve put together some great reasons to consider booking a serviced apartment instead of a hotel.

#1. Save Money:

Are you travelling as part of a larger group? If so, staying together in a serviced apartment is likely to be much cheaper than everybody booking separate hotel rooms. Since the rates are usually charged per apartment, it can often work out much cheaper for several people to stay in one large apartment than having to split the group across several rooms in a hotel, which must all be paid for individually.

#2. Added Privacy:

Another great reason for groups to book serviced apartments is the level of privacy that they provide. You can find apartments with several bedrooms, perfect for large groups as each traveller or couple will be able to enjoy their own private space, whilst sharing communal living, kitchen and bathroom areas. Some apartments even provide en-suite rooms, if having your own bathroom space is an important factor for you.

#3. Enjoy the Fully-Equipped Kitchen:

There’s no doubt that going out to eat can be an exciting part of any trip, but sometimes, you just want to be able to make yourself a nice meal. After a while, going out every morning to find somewhere nice to eat breakfast can get tiring, but when you stay in a serviced apartment, you’ll have a fully-equipped kitchen that you can use to cook anything you like. Not only is this great for anybody who wants to save money during their trip, it’s the perfect solution for travellers with special dietary requirements who may struggle to find something suitable when eating out. And, most kitchens come complete with laundry facilities – no need to find a local launderette.

#4. Enjoy the Home Comforts:

Unlike hotel rooms, serviced apartments from a provider like are designed to provide guests with a true home from home experience. During your stay, you can enjoy a wide range of home comforts such as free Wi-Fi, TV’s, DVD’s, music players and a telephone line. And, it’s often the little things that matter – your apartment is likely going to have a welcome pack, which will provide you with some nice essentials for getting your stay off to a great start, such as toiletries and hot drinks. There will be comfortable rooms and plenty of space for everybody to put their belongings; it’ll feel like you’re living there rather than just having somewhere to lay your head at night.

Do you want accommodation that feels like home for your next trip? Then, choose a serviced apartment!