Termed one of the most romantic places on Earth, France has always been alluring tourists with its quintessential romantic charm since ages. With its gorgeous vineyards, iconic cities, gorgeous coastlines and quaint villages, it is one of the best places on earth where you can plan a romantic getaway with your loved ones. Just get yourself one of the homes for rent in France with your partner and spend your days wandering around the streets to enjoy the most romantic vacation you will ever experience in your lifetime. To get you started, here are seven places in France where you can visit to spend one of the most memorable vacations with your loved one.

1. Paris

The most romantic city in the whole wide world, Paris, is simply the most obvious city in France to spend a romantic vacation with your partner. Full of iconic sites, street side cafes and gorgeous landscapes, one cannot run out of things to do while going for a trip to this famous city. Relax at one of the many beautiful parks you can find in the city, walk through the wonderful streets lined with cafes and shops, or visit one of the many awesome museums or galleries with your loved one while you are here. Also, you have to take your partner to a lovely romantic dinner while you are in Paris, as it is truly the epicentre of the classic French cuisine.

2. Annecy

Located in southeastern France, the beautiful alpine town of Annecy is one of the most beautiful places which you can visit with your loved one. Situated right on the banks of Lake Annecy, this quaint little town is popular among the locals and travellers for its old town or Vieille Ville. This part of the town lies beautiful with all its cobbled streets, winding alleyways, old canals and colourful houses. Located right outside the city is the Chateau d’Annecy. This medieval chateau once served as the home of the Counts of Geneva. You can visit the museum located inside the chateau, where various regional artefacts are on display, including various alpine furniture, artworks and also an exhibit on the natural history of the region.

3. Bordeaux

The port city of Bordeaux is another great place where you can spend a lovely romantic getaway. Being one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in France, a trip to Bordeaux will certainly be something which you and your partner will cherish forever. Being classified as “City of Art and History’ and one of the major wine producing regions in the country, a vacation in this city is full of art, culture, wine and romance. Visit Place des Quinconces, the largest square in the whole of France, enjoy people watching, take a tour of one of the many museums present in the city and enjoy some fine locally produced wine while you are here.

4. Lyon

The third largest city in France, Lyon is the perfect romantic getaway spot for anyone who loves food. The streets of the city are lined with numerous bistros, cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy some of the most beautiful French dishes with your loved one. Home to the famous Basilica of Notre Dame, the picturesque vistas of this gorgeous city will surely blow you and your partner away. There are a number of museums and art galleries where you and your partner can spend some lovely afternoon with each other. The beautiful architecture, the small quirky street side shops and the narrow streets, all make Lyon one of the best places to visit in France.

5. Ile D’Aix

Ile D’Aix or the Island of Aix is a small commune located off the west coast of France. This small yet insanely gorgeous island is the perfect place to be with your partner if you are looking for a warm, cosy, romantic vacation, away from the crowd. The island is only 3 km long and about 700 meters wide, but it is still listed as one of the highest ranked sites full of natural beauty. Full of some of the most secluded and pristine beaches, hidden alcoves and beautiful restaurants, this island gives you an opportunity to spend some relaxing time with your lover. There are quite a number of museums located on the island which you explore. Remember to visit Fort Enet, a fort located right between Fouras and Île-d’Aix, which can be accessed during the low tide.

6. Dijon

The capital city of the Burgundy region, Dijon, is located in eastern France. You may have heard the name of this city only when you tried to buy mustard sauce, but the city has much more to offer than its traditional mustard. Located in one of the major wine producing regions of France, the city is famous for its gastronomic fair and awesome wines. The city boasts some of the most beautiful architecture in the whole country, ranging from Gothic style architecture to even art deco architecture. The Musée des Beaux-Arts has a huge collection of various paintings, antiquities, artefacts, sculptures and crafts which you and your partner can explore on a lazy day. The Museum is located inside the 14th century Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, which is a beautiful place to explore by itself.

7. Sancerre

Although the name may only remind you of a bottle of wine, Sancerre is actually a small hilltop town, located in central France. The town is really low-key, which makes it one of the best places to visit with your loved one if you are looking forward to spending some quiet and romantic time with each other. The town offers some of the most beautiful views of the Loire Valley. Spend your day wandering through the surrounding vineyards, or go for a walk through the patchwork fields with your partner. You can also go for a wine tour and have a taste of the famous Sancerre wine while you are here. There are many nearby villages as well which you can explore with your partner.