Best spots for a luxury getaway in England

St Ives is one of the best spots for a luxury getaway in England
Photo by CC user diego_torres on Pixabay

Working hard lately, or just need to unwind after a tumultuous year? There are plenty of places throughout England where you can experience the best this nation has to offer. But where will you stay?

Blue Chip Holidays has this angle covered, as they make it easy to find a holiday home that makes sense for you, in the destination of your choice.

However, if you haven’t the slightest clue where to make your temporary escape, these suggestions below will get you out of the city into a significantly more relaxing environment.

1) St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives has long been a popular holiday destination for many Britons, as it combines stunning seascapes with a mild climate and a seafaring heritage that has attracted repeat visitors year after year.

Walk along picture perfect streets that are lined with boutiques and pubs, relax on beaches with water that rivals that of the Mediterranean in appearance, and if you are sporting, the swells that come ashore are suitable for surfing throughout much of the year.

There are many amazing holiday homes in this popular Cornish town, ranging from restored houses that are more than a century old to modern villas that boast amenities such as hot tubs (read more about this feature here:

2) Isle of Wight

Those looking for a luxurious island holiday will want to book a holiday home on the Isle of Wight. As one of the more accessible Channel Islands, it has developed the services that you will need for a comfortable stay while retaining a slower pace of life, thanks to the lack of a fixed link with the British mainland.

As England’s largest island, it has its share of attractions, from ancient castle ruins to spectacular beaches sheltered by massive chalk headlands, so you will have plenty to do when you aren’t entertaining friends and family in your holiday property.

3) Cotswolds

If the countryside is beckoning rather than the seashore, you will want to seriously consider renting a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds.

Typified by an escarpment that rises from the meadowlands to the east, rocks have been quarried from this geological feature for millennia to build stone-hewn homes, many of which are now available for rental by holidaymakers.
Noted for spectacularly beautiful rolling hills, farms, and quaint villages the ooze with history, you’ll be among those that have chosen to leave England’s larger cities for a simpler life in retirement.

4) Grassington, Yorkshire

Those that want closer proximity to England’s larger hills and mountains will want to look at the properties that can be found in the towns and villages of Yorkshire.

Located within an easy drive of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Park, acquiring a holiday home for a weekend or longer will enable outdoor lovers to access a number of excellent walking trails with ease.

For those that are content to remain sedentary, there are plenty of peaceful market towns like Grassington where vistas of rolling farmland, the local pub, and friendly locals will be the only distractions that you will need to have a great time away from home.