Are More Potent Strains Of Medical Marijuana Actually “Better?”


Many medical marijuana patients choose to medicate using different strains of cannabis. However, you might wonder if picking the most potent strain is the best way to take care of symptoms. The answer is, not always. Even though some strains of medical marijuana offer more kick in terms of a stronger high, this might not be the most effective treatment for your condition. Let’s take a look at how you can approach choosing the right strain of medical cannabis and why the most potent strains might not really be better. Then, you can select the right strain for you through Green Door West. Green Door West sells all of the best strains of medical marijuana, with varying potencies, so patients searching for “weed delivery near me” can get exactly what they need.

Comparing “Highs”

Sativa’s “high” effects often make it better for people who medicate during the day, because it offers more wakefulness and alertness. Indica, on the other hand, is a relaxing strain that can be better for evening use because it has a high-potency that can aid sleep. Hybrid strains often offer the best of both Sativa and Indica strains, making them popular with many patients.

Assess Your Condition

Along with your needs for being awake and alert, the type of condition you’re treating should also dictate whether you go for a mild Sativa, a mellow Indica, or something in between. Generally, it’s best to assess your symptoms to see if you may need a super-potent strain, or whether you can get by with a strain that isn’t as powerful (therefore, allowing you more cognitive functionality). Patients should also take note of their physiological and psychological conditions, as everyone is different and medical marijuana (like other medicines) should be dosed considering these factors.

“Weed Delivery Near Me” for Potent and Not-So-Potent Strains

Just like everything in life, there’s no one-size-fits-all scenario when it comes to medical marijuana. If you don’t know whether a potent strain or a not-so-potent strain is best for you, talk with a medical doctor. Greater potency doesn’t always mean better, but it could deliver you the pain relief you need. It might also keep you from being able to accomplish necessary tasks throughout the day. Green Door West is a cannabis delivery business that offers high-potency and low-potency medical marijuana, so we can give you “weed delivery near me” that’s just what you need for your condition. We provide marijuana delivery in West Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, and all over the LA area, bringing the best medicine directly to you.