4 best fitness apps for busy travelers

Frequent travel doesn’t give you many opportunities to stay in shape. Other than sprinting to catch a plane or train before it leaves, you might spend most of your time sitting and eating high-fat foods. If you travel a lot, whether for work or pleasure, you need the best fitness apps for busy travelers to help you stay healthy.


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Operating system: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Finding healthy food on the road is always a challenge. Whether you’re driving on the interstate or spending a few days in an unfamiliar city, it’s hard to know which restaurants have nutritious menu items that don’t come with a lot of unnecessary fat, sugar, and sodium.

The HealthyOut app makes it easier for you to find healthy dining options no matter where you are. The app has a database of restaurants in over 500 cities, allowing you to search for options that match your health needs. You can even search its listings for restaurants that serve paleo and low-carb dishes.


Operating system: Android and iOS

Price: Free

It’s even more difficult finding healthy food in the airport. Half the time, you don’t even know what the airport’s food court offers until you’ve walked around it once or twice. Depending on when your flight leaves, you may not have enough time to consider your options carefully.

GateGuru can help you find nutritious, delicious meals and snacks before you even get to the airport. The app comes with several features to make air travel easier. You can use it to keep up with arrivals and departures, rent a car, and even view your travel statistics.

If you’re hungry, though, the list of airport amenities will become your favorite feature. While it won’t tell you exactly what’s on each restaurant’s menu, you can use it to get good ideas about which eateries are right for you. You can even read reviews to help you choose an option that other people have enjoyed.

You Are Your Own Gym

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Operating system: Android and iOS

Price: $4.99

Eating healthy food is important to help you stay fit as a busy traveler, but you will also need to find time for exercise. That’s pretty simple when your hotel has a gym. Unfortunately, you don’t always get to decide where you’ll spend the night. Some of those evenings, you will find yourself sleeping in a motel with an ice machine that barely works. There’s no chance that you’ll find a gym with safe equipment.

That’s not a problem as long as you have You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG) on your mobile device. YAYOG has over 200 workouts that don’t require a gym or any special equipment. The series is based on using your body’s weight to get in better shape so that you can forget about lifting dumbbells or running on a treadmill. It’s perfect for people who never know where they’re going to spend the next night.

Since this app uses a lot of videos and photo instructions, you should have a smartphone with a large, high-definition display, such as the Galaxy S7 Edge. Its water resistance means you won’t have to worry about a little sweat, making it an ideal partner for YAYOG in helping you stay in shape without a gym.


Operating system: Android and iOS

Price: Free . . . unless you can’t keep your pact

The more you travel, the harder it gets to follow your health resolutions. The Pact app is here to make sure that you eat healthy foods and stay in shape. At the beginning of each week, you use Pact to set goals for yourself. You can, for instance, promise to run 10 miles or avoid dessert. Then you decide whether the goal is worth $5 or $10. If you don’t reach your goal, money gets removed from your account. If you accomplish your goal, though, you get paid by people who didn’t follow through.

This is a great way to keep yourself motivated when you’re tired after a long day of meetings and traveling. Just when you think it’s impossible to take a jog to get those abs you’ve always dreamed of, you remember that you’ll lose money by shirking your promise, but you’ll earn a little just for making that extra bit of effort.

Use these apps to make it easier to stay fit when you’re on the road.