Glass Pool Fencing And Railings

It’s no news that many families love to hang out at the pool during the summer time. Of course, everyone loves cooling off in the cool pool during the hot summer days. However, while everyone is having fun, it is important to ensure everyone’s safety especially the younger ones and children. Glass Pool Fencing is not just a way to beautify your pool, it also helps to prevent accidents.

Advantages Of Glass Pool Fencing


The most easily identified benefit of a glass pool fence is the beauty it adds to the pool aesthetically. Apart from the beauty it adds, it also make a much better option than traditional opaque fencing. You can comfortably see through the glass to enjoy the beautiful view of your backyard without any obstruction. Also, you are able to supervise the children without staying by the poolside.

Glass fencing blends in beautifully with the environment.

•An Effective Means For Safety

Just like every other pool fencing, glass pool fencing serves as a very effective safety barrier for your pool. You won’t have to supervise from inside the pool area constantly to monitor children’s behavoir, because you will be able to view from nearby with transparent glass fencing alternative.

•Thick And Quality Glass Is Used

The thickness of the glass used for a glass pool fencing usually range between 8mm to 10mm. The glass is a durable and will last longer. Even if someone mistakenly hit their body against the glass, it will not crack. Although the difference between the thickness is not usually visible in terms of aesthetics.


A metal fencing will eventually rust with time, a wood fencing is also bound to be infested with fungus as time goes on, which can contaminate the pool and make it unhealthy for use.

However, with a glass fencing, you do not have to worry about any of these. It does not rust so it does not require serious maintenance like painting, lubricating, and so on. As long as you can clean it with a detergent solution on an infrequent but consistent basis, then you are good to go. You don’t have to spend tons of money to keep it in good condition.


Although safety is the main purpose for fencing a pool, it’s not a bad idea to get safety and beauty at the same time.

Also as you are planning to a get a frameless or a glass fencing installed, ensure you put the pool fencing company that will have it installed in mind. A reputable, qualified, experienced, and reliable company should be carefully selected to get the job done.