Growing Pains – Tell-tale Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Office Space

The once comfortable, cosy office that you started out in is beginning to get a little cramped since you hired a few employees and added more desks and chairs to the office. Business is on the uptick and you have more money than you know what to do with. Your first inclination is to stick it out, but your office is, well, a mess.

You have been able to keep the waiting area tidy because you are renting a serviced office, which maintains the common areas. However, your private office is in complete pandemonium, and it is to the point where you have to meet clients in the conference room to avoid appearing sloppy and unprofessional. At this point, finding appropriate office space is not option it is absolutely necessary to the function of your office and preservation of your sanity that you find a bigger office.

Keep reading to discover some tell-tale signs that you have outgrown your office.

Transforming Your Home Into Your Office

You have taken the common saying “taking work home” literally simply because there is no room at the office to store anything. Whether transporting boxes of documents, furniture or just a lot of old stuff, your garage is also doubling for a storage room. Furthermore, you find it difficult to separate work from home simply because when you go home there are boxes and boxes of work waiting for you. Instead, resist the urge to turn valuable garage space into storage space for items at work.

Interfering With Clients

Another indication that it might be time to find a bigger space is whether the lack of space really impacts the clients who visit your office. To figure out whether your lack of space is affecting your clients consider whether your lobby or waiting room is standing room only or whether there is sufficient space for sitting and waiting.

Also important in determining whether it is time to make a move is whether there are items that should be stored in other rooms in places where clients will go, whether these places are common areas or private offices.

Experiencing Growth

If your business has experienced significant growth that has been consistent over a few quarters, then it is probably safe to say it is time to find new space. Business growth is great, but you have to be able to move around the office and have to be able to interact with clients in a professional environment. A space that is cramped is not conducive to business.

Rising Noise Levels

Most offices operate with a certain amount of volume. When the noise levels rise, it can be distracting to the business owner, in addition to any employees that might be working with clients. Imagine having to talk over a room full of people and meanwhile perform the functions of your job—almost impossible. If you find you cannot do this, then this is definitely a sign that you need more space.

Needing Visibility

If you are trying to raise your business’s profile to a new level, moving closer to the business district where visibility is guaranteed is a great decision. Of course, all of this depends on your industry, for example, tech companies should be housed near tech complexes. If your business is finance related, then moving toward the central business district might be proactive. The point is that if it is necessary to raise your profile moving is probably the best option.

Calculating Space For The Move

Ultimately, determining the amount of space you need, and whether you need to move, can be done simply. A good rule of thumb is to calculate 10-12 square metres per person for the clients who visit your office daily. This measure can give you a sense of how much space you have or need.