Energy Saving Tips to Cut Down Your Corporate Gas Consumption

In the UK, the demand for gas has intensely increased thus causing the price of gas and electricity to go up. You might consider switching providers now that the Big 6 have announced price rises for the entire winter season. However, there are still other ways to manage your gas consumption without doing so.

Here are some tips.

  1. Switch energy tariff. You don’t have to switch provider for your gas and electricity needs, you only have to change tariff with your existing supplier. Energy tariffs vary on the energy source and how you manage your account. For small businesses, it will be best to consult an energy broker like so that you can weigh up your options properly.

  2. Turn off your heater when not in use. Based on leading energy experts, leaving your heater on low the entire day is not going to save you any money at all. Turning it off when not in use and using a timer when it is on is the best way to save energy and cut down your home and corporate gas expenses.

  3. Use clingfilm on your windows. Clingfilm is often used for sandwiches and now it is used to keep your home and office warm. You can also use other material as long as it is airtight and transparent. By doing this, you will be able to keep the cold air out of your office area.

  4. Turn off the hot water boiler. This often works if you are using gas, oil or LPG for your central heating system. If you are using an electrical immersion heater, you may want to heat your water at night when the energy is billed cheaper. Just make sure that your tank has enough insulation to make sure that the heat is sustained all day.

  5. Install ceiling insulation. By putting insulation in your office ceiling, you will be able to make your room warmer by 5%.

  6. Adjust your radiators. Turn off radiators if they are not regularly used. You may also want to put office appliances away from radiators since they will just absorb the heat.

  7. Save on fuel. Plotting your route will definitely make you save a lot of fuel. If your business provides a delivery service, it will be better to charge your customers a fee especially if they are out of your normal route.

  8. Turn off lights. It is important to encourage your employees to turn off the lights when they are not in use. You may also want to use movement detectors and time switches to ensure that the lights automatically turn off if no one is around to use them.

  9. Upgrade your building. Installing self-adhesive thermal strips and automatic door closers can help you retain heat by 25%.

Keeping your expenses within your capability is very important for everyone. Regardless if you are managing a home or a company, you need to make sure that you don’t let money go to waste. The points mentioned above can help you reduce your gas and electric consumption but there are still simple ways to cut your gas and electricity costs.