Must-have home gadgets under $50


With the latest and greatest technological explosion still well underway, the gizmos and gadgets available are mind-blowingly endless. However, with such a great selection of cool, new tech gear to choose from, consumers can often find themselves overwhelmed. The average consumer will see hundreds of advertisements for different technologically-related gear a month. From the best noise-cancelling headphones to the gamer’s perfectly stylized mouse, the options for any one consumer are vast. So how can you get ahead of the game and make sure you’re getting the tech you want at a reasonable price?

Well, look no further. Below is a compilation of the top gadgets this technologically oriented day and age has to offer, for less than fifty bucks. Hopefully, this short list can aid you in spiffing up your gadget collection on a budget. For great deals and reasonable prices for these items and many, many more, check out New Easy, a website chock-full of awesome gadgets at outstanding prices.

The first gadget is simple yet effective. Everyone nowadays has some sort of smart device, either a phone or a tablet, and if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, chances are we do not use these devices solely for work. No, many of us enjoy the occasional TV binge, or have taken the plunge and converted to paperless reading. Whatever it is that you fancy, our smartphones and tablets play a major role in our entertainment. Now, here’s the thing: phones, tablets and e-readers are generally flat – great for carrying in your pocket or in your backpack, less great for lounging on the couch while three seasons deep in Grey’s Anatomy. This brings us to the first recommended gadget of the season, The Gadget Grab, a tool specifically designed to make your favorite devices hands-free. This gadget is great for all your generally hand-held devices, plus it is only $10.50! This gadget is essential for all smart device movie-watchers, e-reader enthusiasts and Skypers!

Next on the list of gadget goodies is the One Charger. At only $6.99, this is the answer to all your device compatibility problems. No more fidgeting with your chargers, trying to connect each of your devices to the right charger, or feeling frustrated because you remembered to pack your tablet charger but not your phone charger for that weeklong trip. Now you can bring one charger that is compatible with all your devices, regardless of manufacturer. Skip the hassle of five different tangled cords, and declutter your outlets with this stress-free product.

Now we move away from smartphone and tablet gear and on to a gadget that is designed solely for comfort. If you ever feel too cold but you do not want to spend astronomical amounts of money to heat your entire living space, it would be a wise decision to invest in a space heater. The greatest aspect of a space heater is that you only need to spend money on the energy required to heat the space you are actually in, meaning you can cut way down on your heat bill. The Handy Heater is a convenient space heater that can quickly heat up any room with its 350 watts of power, without taking up much space. This little space heater is perfect for home or the office. The Handy Heater plugs directly into any outlet – no cord, no fuss, just on-demand heat when you need it.

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Calling all the hardcore adventurers out there! Gather round for this product that should be in the pack of any hiker, sea voyager or the like. The TacLight means business. This super high-powered, military-grade, tactical flashlight has five modes and zoom functions. This bad boy can even cast light up to two nautical miles! For only $19.94, it’s a must-have gadget. Even for those more adventurous at heart rather than in practice, the TacLight is a practical gadget that can aid those in the workplace, or anyone embarking upon a new home-fixer-upper project.

Last, but not least, the Phone Pocket. Stop carrying loads of stuff in your purse or pockets, and skip that awkward ‘I cannot find my wallet and the line of angry, coffee-dependent zombies is growing exponentially behind me’ situation. What if your credit cards, cash and phone were all in one compact, easy-to-locate place? Well, now you can make that what if a reality. With the Phone Pocket, you can ditch the wallet and let your phone act as an ultra-thin, super convenient, hold-all wallet, and for only $4.99!

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