All about Kangaroo Feeding Pumps and Their Uses

Kangaroo Feeding Pumps help feed people when oral feeding is not possible
Photo by CC user Department of Defense (USA)

Nobody expects to have to be tube fed at some point in their lives, but it can happen for a variety of reasons. This is often uncomfortable and difficult, but medical technology is improving to better the quality of life of those who need enteral feeding. Kangaroo feeding pumps have been designed to truly revolutionize how tube feeding is delivered. Their ePump system is the most advanced, and technologically up to date feeding pump. This can be used on medical patients who require tube feeding that is intermittent or continuous, and can be used for feeding and flushing as well. Best of all, the entire system is delivered in a single, user friendly, and compact device.

Kangaroo Feeding Pumps Features

The Kangaroo feeding pump follows the four Es:

  1. Easy to use through step by step prompts, simplified set loading, and an intuitive user interface.

  2. Everybody can use this type of pump, regardless of whether they are premature babies or geriatrics.

  3. Everywhere is where the pump can be used, particularly thanks to the battery pump, as this can provide as much as 15 hours of backup power.

  4. Enteral feeding is made possible thanks to the Kangaroo pump, be that bolus or continuous. It can also flush. The single pump is reliable and accurate, and all that someone could possibly need.

Features and Benefits of the Kangaroo Pump

The Kangaroo pump comes with a number of features in benefit that set it ahead of any other similar tool on the market. This includes:

  • An easy to use interface that has just five buttons. The user is easily walked through the process of programming their pump, which also comes with an identification system with an alarm. If any problem does occur, it can be easily resolved.

  • The pump is DEHP free, which means patients are always fully protected from the negative side effects that are known to occur in contact with DEHP. Whenever a set is sold outside of EMEA, it is guaranteed to be free from DEHP.

  • The pump sets are anti-free flow, which means patients are always safe, and that nutrition is delivered accurately.

  • The Magnetic Intelligent Set Type Identification Connector (MISTIC) Identification System ensures that the controller immediately recognizes the set type of the pump, thereby offering relevant programming options.

  • There are sets for feeding and flushing, which includes the ability to set the flushing intervals. In so doing, there is no more need to flush the sets and tubes manually. Hence, nutrition and hydration delivery is more accurate and safer.

  • The accuracy of dosage delivery is 10% either way of the to be delivered volume, which means nothing can go wrong.

  • People can deliver independently as there is no need for a drip chamber. As such, anyone can use it anywhere.

  • It has memory settings that can include a 72 hour program.

  • The process cannot be tempered with, as it is possible to lockout others from the program and the screen.

In terms of features, the Kangaroo Pump is:

  • Independent of attitude.

  • Fitted with smart technology.

  • Easy to operate.

  • Free from DEHP.

  • Able to remember programs for 72 hours.