Medical Advances in the Not So Distant Future

20 years ago who would have guessed we all would have phones with High Definition video cameras, lightning fast internet, and the ability to communicate with thousands all in our pockets. If the tech industry has changed our daily lives this much, imagine its effect on medical advances. Here are some predictions for medical advances in the not so distant future.

3D printed Limbs
This technology already exists, you can be a 3D printer at your local mall, go home and download schematics and print just about anything. The medical field is taking notice of this technology and already has been putting it to use. 3d printing allows doctors to create artificial limbs for those need that are 100% customized for the patients. While old methods required factories and standard sizes, with 3D printing limbs can math their host. This combined with recent advances in nervous system and mechanical research is making it possible for users to feel, touch, and move their printed limbs. The future looks bright for this one of the modern medical advances and those who use it.
Medical Advances
Pain Management
In the future neuroscientists hope to be able to turn off the pain centers in brains that cause chronic pain. Researchers hope to be able to cure the estimate 1.5billion chronic pain sufferers without invasive surgery or medicines. This could be a lifesaver for those suffering with this difficult prognosis. Though this cutting edge technology may still be a ways off but we are keeping our fingers crossed. In the meantime you can find treatment by pain specialists in Philadelphia. Once scientist can crack this code on your brain and nervous system, the possibles are endless.

Health Through Games
Doctors will tell you getting patients to change behavior is one of the most challenges things they can prescribe. There is good news on this front and technology is to thank. Innovative game designers have been create mobile game titles that encourage users to get active, eat healthier, and even remind them to take medications on time. Some examples include the famous Pokémon Go, in which players would circle the city on foot in search of their next monster to capture. There is also a popular audio game which puts the player in a zombie apocalypse and they must run and sprint on command to save their lives. These games are helping patients make positive life choices and they are doing it out of fun not guilt, which is a much better motivator. The days of video games creating couch potatoes may be over as we see more and more virtual reality and augmented reality options. We expect this trend to increase and doctors to even begin prescribing games!

While often science and technology get painted as doom and gloom, the advances of medicine is truly  something to be proud of and to look forward to. Never before have humans been able to live so long and so healthy. So count your blessing and make the most out of life, get out there and enjoy it!