An Overview of the Most Important Law Positions in the UK

The law profession is an honorable industry and perhaps nowhere more honorable than the UK, where so much of today’s modern approach to Law was perfected if not developed. English law has a storied history and those in the law profession are its keepers.

When one wants to get in the law business in the UK, one has to be prepared for the work required to become a true professional. If you have the skills and demeanor required, you can use a recruitment agency to find a legal job in the UK. Here is a list of the most important types of jobs available in the English law profession:


The most common type of lawyer in the UK is the solicitor who oversees the largest amount of the legal work given to lawyers. They work with individuals, corporations, non-profits and the government and look to take on successful legal actions on behalf of their clients. Solicitors will typically focus on one type of law which might be real estate, personal injury, corporate or one of many others and will usually provide for their clients; legal guidance, overseeing negotiations presenting strategies for a potential legal case, and drafting any required legal documents. The job is research heavy and time consuming. Lawyers will look to settle a case without it going to court, but in the event there is the need for court, a solicitor will often engage and work closely with a barrister on the court case. A solicitor is registered by the government as a lawyer in the UK.


If you think of law in the UK, what will likely come to mind is the staunch gentlemen and women in the white wigs and black robes with a sturdy book under an arm and a very serious expression. You might even envision these people making impassioned appeals to an equally serious judge on behalf of clients.

The people in the black robes and wigs are called barristers and they are courtroom specialists. Their primary expertise is in reviewing a case that will likely go to court, coming up with a strategy to present it in court, and then representing the party that has hired them in court as their legal advocate.  A barrister works alongside the solicitor typically who assists with positioning the case for court and ensuring that all of the necessary facts for the case are gathered and available. Key attributes of a good barrister are detail oriented, methodical and a great story teller. A barrister is registered as a lawyer in the UK.


Judges start out as either solicitors or barristers and after a period may be appointed by the government as a judge. This is an esteemed position in the legal system as they determine the winner in many cases and also in the event of a jury trial, they oversee the trial proceedings. Judges must be very well versed in the law and have a strict adherence to the law when they are overseeing cases. They must also appreciate that because they sit in a high position in a courtroom, they set the tone for a trial and their demeanor can change or influence this tone. Therefore they must have great patience, and calm, yet be authoritarian when needed.

There are several other important and lucrative careers in the legal profession in the UK. They range from law clerk, to usher, to paralegal, each with its own skill set and demeanor requirements. If you have them, you will have a chance to work in the most respected legal system in the world.