How has St. Andrews University athletics fared lately?

Remember watching sports while you were in college? It was a tremendously exciting time, with a lot of dramatic ups and downs.

Since that time, you have become disconnected from it, as you launched a new life separate from your time at school.

After a recent reunion at St. Andrews University, though, your interest in campus sports has been revived.

This isn’t unusual at all, as alumni like Peter Benedict St. Andrews have remained interested in how the sports team in his alma mater since he graduated years ago.


If you have recently have a rejuvenated interest in how St. Andrews University athletics have performed in the past year or so, this post will help bring you back up to speed.


It has been a tough slog for St. Andrews basketball in recent years, and this year was no different. However, they did manage to grind their way into the opening round of the AAC tournament, which proved to be their last game of the season.

They ended up losing to heavily-favored Union, ranked #1 in the league. Their 12-17 record may not be the most flattering result, but managing to make the playoffs after several years of futility does bode well for the future.


Football? This may be the reaction you might be having if you have graduated with a degree from St. Andrews in the past generation, as it has been more than 50 years since this school has fielded a football team.

This is slated to change starting in 2017, as athletic department recruiters have been busy scouting and signing up talent to hit the field starting this fall. Set to debut in the Mid-South conference, we’ll be keeping our eyes open to see how they perform.


The baseball team has remained competitive over the past few seasons, amassing a winning record in 2015-2016, and hanging in the playoff picture this season.

February saw the Knights charge back from an uncharacteristic slow start, winning numerous games by football scores.

Although they have cooled off in recent weeks, we think that they will turn it around in time to have an exciting postseason in the months ahead.


Lacrosse was one of St. Andrews most successful sports last season, as they fought their way to a 12-5 record, including an impressive 5-1 record in conference play.

It made their quarterfinal loss to Missouri Valley College all the more heartbreaking (8-3), especially when you consider St Andrews opened the scoring in the second quarter.

Men’s soccer finished below the .500 mark this season, after matching that mark in 2015, while the men’s volleyball team improved considerably on their miserable 0-22 2015 campaign with a 9-12 record this year.

On the women’s side, the basketball team continued to build for the future, as their 5-23 mark for 2016-2017 leaves plenty of room for improvement. It was much the same story for women’s lacrosse, with their 2-10 record serving as motivation for returners to do better as this spring’s season begins.

The women’s soccer team improved markedly, finishing 10-4-2 compared to the below .500 effort the previous season. They met their end in a heart rending fashion, losing in penalty kicks to #4 Tennessee Wesleyan after tying them 1-1 in regulation.