Things to See And do on a Road Trip From Houston to Las Vegas

About to set out on a road trip from your home in Houston to Las Vegas? While you are looking forward to have an exciting vacation in one of America’s most happening cities, there is much to do along the way as well.

While you do not have to stop at all of the places that we suggest, this article will disclose to you of all the options that await you along the road from Houston to Las Vegas.

Houston, TX

Start by topping off your tank at one of the many gas stations that Petroleum Wholesale Houston has situated around town. Not only is it a prudent step to make sure that you can get on the road quickly, but their stations also have a variety of other services available as well.

With showers available to clean you up, and a range of quick-serve food outlets such as Subway to quiet those hunger pangs in your stomach, they will get you in a positive frame of mind that will allow you to enjoy the beginning of your trip.

San Antonio, TX 

When in San Antonio, be sure to pay tribute to the sacrifices that were made at the Alamo. Well over a century ago, it was the site of a desperate stand made by Texan soldiers that were faced with a massive siege waged by the Mexican Army.

If you have kids with you, note that there is Six Flags theme park here, as well as Seaworld. Spend your evening dining or drinking at one of the many restaurants or bars found along the San Antonio Riverwalk, but be sure to head back early to the hotel to prepare for another long day on the road.

West Texas 

Many parts of West Texas can be quite remote, but that’s the attraction of driving through this part of the country. The freeway wends its way between buttes and stretches across desolate, forbidding desert, with settlements few and far between.

El Paso offers cultural attractions that will help break up the emptiness of this region. Looking for something different? The National Border Patrol Museum tells the story of America’s first line of defense, and the lengths this agency has gone to preserve the integrity of our land borders over the years.

New Mexico 

The New Mexican part of your Vegas road trip will pass through stunning desert landscapes, and many small, charming towns. Those looking for a great place to stop while in New Mexico will want to pull into Las Cruces.

It is close by to the Old Mesilla Village, which is a Mexican-style settlement with adobe-style houses, as well as White Sands National Monument, which is home to one of America’s most spectacular set of sand dunes.


While Phoenix will be the urban highlight of the time you spend in this state, your trip through Arizona will take you through the college town of Tucson first. While it is home to the University of Arizona, it also counts the Sonoran Desert Museum and Saguaro National Park (which is home to those tall cactuses that you think about when you hear the word ‘cactus’) among its top attractions.

In Phoenix, culture hounds will love the Heard Museum (which focuses on Native American works), while active travelers may want to play a round of golf, or take in a baseball game (Arizona Diamondbacks in season, Cactus League baseball from mid-February to the end of March).

Las Vegas 

Drive the final leg of your road trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas on US 93, which winds through the desert of Northwestern Arizona before crossing into Nevada in grand style across the Hoover Dam.

This place makes for at least a great photo opportunity if you are in a big rush to get to Sin City. If you aren’t, there are tours you can take that will reveal the importance of this massive work of civil engineering to this part of the country.

Afterward, roll into Las Vegas and check into one of the many resort hotels on The Strip. Congratulations, but take care not to lose your shirt, as you’ll need enough money for gas and food on the way back!