Telltale Signs That You Are a Pack Rat

Many people love to collect various things. However, if you are too obsessed with your belongings, maybe you need to step back and look at your surroundings and contemplate things. If vast piles of stuff surround you, and you are having issues letting go of things, you can call yourself a pack rat. If you cannot admit to yourself that you love junk, here are some telltale signs that you are a hoarder, and you need to do something about it.

You have an overflowing garage

When was the last time you saw your entire garage looking bare and clean? Are you able to still park your vehicles without any hassle, or are you now parking on the driveway? What kind of things are stored or piled up inside your garage? Old newspapers, magazines, empty paint cans, and expired cleaning solutions and chemicals should be discarded as soon as possible. These things can easily catch fire, putting you and your family at risk of losing your property and or life in just a couple of minutes.

You never run out of reasons or excuses

You always have this mindset that all the things inside your home, whether new or old, big or small have a role to play in your life. But the truth is most of these things have not seen daylight for quite some time. Instead of allowing all the clutter to accumulate inside your home, why not get rid of things that have no value anymore. Reaching out to companies providing a Baltimore junk removal service will help you clear up some much-needed space in your home.  

You have several rooms that are full of junk

Some people keep most of their stuff inside the drawers or even closets, which is perfectly acceptable. But if you have several rooms full of things, you need some serious help. Time for you to get rid of the junk that you have been holding on to for the longest time. Say goodbye to old newspapers, documents, empty containers, and bottles for good. You will realize and appreciate that there are many things that you can do with all the extra space inside your home. When you are about to start your cleaning, make sure to prepare extra black trash bags so you will not be tempted to keep holding on to your junk for whatever reasons you may have.

You are a pack rat if your living space is compromised

If you have a pretty spacious home and yet you are only occupying one half of your bed because of too much stuff surrounding you, consider yourself a pack rat. Sadly your possessions are starting to take control of your life. That is why you must do something drastic to turn things around. You do not need to have a miserable life that is full of junk.

Lastly, if you feel like you have no way out of this kind of situation, do not lose hope. For every problem, there is a corresponding solution.