Best Ways to Watch Live Sporting Action

When it comes to sports, there are few better than those in the US, with the exciting MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL seasons having just got underway there has never been a better time to get involved in the action. Maybe this year is the time to get involved in a new sport and it has never been easier to watch the action,  sport is big money and as such there is incredible coverage of live events.

The question is how and where will you be watching the best of the action this year, here are some of the best ways to watch US sports this year.



The best way to truly get involved in the sport you love is to go to a live game, if you are a true die-hard fan then you can look into season ticket options or alternatively you can just pick and choose the games that you go to.

Most of the live action can be seen by just turning up on the day and purchasing tickets but to guarantee your seat, especially for a big game, you should try and buy as early as possible, especially for the likes of basketball as the stadiums are smaller and the attendances are lower. There are few ways to replace the atmosphere that you will find inside the stadium of a live event.

Home Comfort

When it comes to watching sports on TV, the coverage these days is incredible, stats, facts, live action replays and lively commentators put on a great show for you to enjoy. In order to watch the action from the comfort of your armchair you should look into getting a great cable service that gives you a great range of sports to watch. Residents of Texas for example have the option of using awesome services like Dish, a cable provider who have packages involving up to 8 sports channels meaning you will never miss the action of your favorite sport, all you need now is that 50″ TV to really get the most of the action.


For many, heading to a bar to watch their favorite sport is the only way to do it, enjoy table service, beers and atmosphere as you enjoy the action. If you decide on hitting a bar then look around your local area for sports bars, these places specialize in displaying live events and have huge TVs, great sound systems and often drinks and food promotions for those watching the game.

The beauty of watching the game at sports bars is that you can enjoy the game with fellow fans or even opposition fans, this creates a cool atmosphere where you can chant, scream and shout either at the TV, or at your rivals. Sometimes watching a game at home alone just isn’t enough, even if the TV coverage is great, you want to share you pleasure and pain with like-minded people and hitting a bar to watch your team in action is a great way to enjoy your favorite sports.