What are the benefits of a curved TV?

All of a sudden curved TVs are all the rage! Ever since the heavyweights, LG and Samsung, announced that their new range of TVs would include a number of curved designs the world has become obsessed.


This obsession is not without good reason because there are a huge number of benefits of having a curved TV to improve your viewing experience. The market has responded positively, Samsung are revelling in the fact that their curved UHD TVs are in more demand than their flat screen counterparts. Their flagships stores in major USA cities are reporting record sales!

So why are curved TVs so popular? Well, here are some reasons that will make you want to head down to the store straight away to pick one up.

You get more immersed in the screen

When we look out at the world we don’t look at it as if it is flat, that’s why a flat screen really doesn’t seem too natural. Our eyeballs are round, curved TVs try to copy the sense of the world that we see when we open our eye. This gives the user a more immersed viewing experience.

You feel that your view is wider

If you’re sat in the correct position then a curved TV will fill a whole lot more of your field of view than that of a flat screen TV. Make sure you’re sat in the right place to really get the full benefits!

The edges of the TV are sharper

Due to the fact that curved TVs are similar to the natural shape or our eyes, it means that around the edges curved TVs appear to have a sharper image. Having said that, this sharpness is only really relevant to larger TVs of around 60 inches or more.

Picture have more depth

If you watch a movie on a curved TV the first thing you will think is that it is almost like watching a 3D movie. The reason for this is because the curve in the screen make the movies appear on several depth planes – this is just the same process used when producing a 3D movie.

Do you have a curved TV or are you considering getting one? Pop your experiences or thoughts in the comment section below.