How to Best Beat the House when Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack is an easy game to learn – but like all other games that are easy to learn (such as chess or other popular card games), it’s not always easy to win. That’s exactly what makes the game so great; the rules are simple but the strategies are endless. For this reason there is no sure-fire way to hit the jackpot, no easy way to ensure success.

However, if you look at the game closely and unravel the complexity of the game, you learn that there are some things you can do to gain the favor of Lady Luck. As a matter of fact, experts and professional players usually stick with their methods, because they have proven to bring in the winnings. Ever wonder how you can become a master? Here’s how to best beat the house when playing blackjack online.

Get it straight, mentally

It’s a mental game, truly. Blackjack is a game that depends largely on chance, and there will inevitably be more things that are beyond your control rather than under your control. How you handle those situations will make a big part of your winning strategy. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • According to statistics, about 70% of all hands will be losing ones. Accept that, and learn how to bet when you have a winning hand while staying low when cards are not in your favor.

  • Don’t think of a losing hand as a loss. Think of it as either a confirmation or a disproof of your strategy, and adjust accordingly, as confirmed by the experts at Casino Deal.

  • Never drink while playing.

  • If your mind is not on the game, quit. Know when to fold.

  • Remember to have fun.

Basic rules of accounting

If you can’t afford it, don’t play. Never play with your rent money or other important expenses. You should always consider it a game of fun and should never look for financial gains; the financial gains will only arrive once you’ve mastered the game. Learn how to walk away; be a good sport.

Handy tips to win

Here some handy tips from the experts:

  • Pair of 8s or aces? Split them.

  • Never buy insurance.

  • Always hit when you have 11 or less.

  • 17 is tricky; think carefully.

The key to being a winner is truly your state of mind. If you focus too much on the financial side, chances are you might get frustrated easily, get emotional, and make the wrong moves. If you focus on the strategic side, however, you’ll find yourself enjoying the game over and over again, without regrets – and you’ll learn how to become a winner in no time. It’s about enjoyment, after all. The money is just a way of keeping score.

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