Critical Factors Which Kill Business

If you are a business owner then you will know only too well just how frail your business can be and just how brutal the industry is. One day you could be cock of the walk and the next day you could be searching around for customers and trying to balance your finances. This is unfortunately the way in which business goes and if you want to be in it for the long haul and find real success then you need to be prepared for all of the ups and downs that come with it.

There are many, many businesses and business owners who simply can’t cut it and if you want to succeed then avoiding the mistakes that others have made in the past is the perfect way to do it. For this reason we are going to take a look at some of the critical factors which have been known to kill a business.

Failure to Market

Working out where to spend your money on your business can be tough and many consider marketing as an expense which they cannot afford to make. Unfortunately, it is through marketing which you can bring more customers to your door and ultimately more profit. Marketing sensibly over not marketing at all is a far better option and if you decide to pinch pennies when it comes to marketing spending, you will pay the price further down the line.


Business is about far more than just creating a great product and selling it for profit, you need to create something much bigger than that and your reputation is something which you should always be aware of. A strong online reputation for example can give you maximum exposure to new clients and help you to build a stronger brand. If you are worried about your online reputation then take a look at the possibility of hiring an online reputation management company to put a more positive spin on your business, check out reviews to see feedback from those who have done so in the past.

Financial Obsession

There is a fine balance to be struck as a business owner when it comes to finances and the extreme version of each option can become a problem for the overall business. Some owners neglect their finances altogether which, as you can imagine, lands them in very hot water and could even cause the collapse of a business. Other owners get to obsessed with finances and try to take the load on themselves instead of allowing a professional to look after them. Finances are important to understand and you should have a running commentary about what is happening with them. With this being said, it is important to remember that your role is to run the business as a whole and the more time you have with your head stuck in the books, the less time you will have to run operations.