Essential furniture and accessories for outdoor living

Get your hands on some of the Essential furniture and accessories for outdoor living soon
Photo by CC user jeffsand on Flickr.

Just moved into your first new home? After kitting out your interior with the basics, the next priority will likely be the backyard. There is nothing sadder than a backyard with nothing in it, so it makes sense to pull out the wallet together to buy some basic patio gear for next year now.

Take advantage of the good deals and get some of the following pieces of outdoor furniture and accessories soon.

1) Adirondack chairs

When it comes to relaxing in your backyard, there is no chair better suited for the job than an Adirondack chair. These deep, wide-set chairs are built for reclining, as its seat pan angles downwards from the front to the back.

The armrests are nice and wide, giving plenty of room for its guest to place a refreshing drink, or just to relax their arms as they engage in conversation with friends, family, and neighbors. Some love this classic piece of furniture for its looks alone, as models made from hardwoods look particularly striking.

If you are stuck on what to get, may we suggest that you get one that is made from Classic Teak, as its stained appearance and sturdy construction will impress loved ones, and it will stand the test of time.

2) Outdoor sofas

Sitting on a chair without padding may seem rather spartan to some of your family members. Because of this, it is advisable to get seating which guests with soft behinds will feel comfortable. A great way to provide plenty of space for friends and family to sit is to get a long outdoor sofa.

There are various models, all of which come with detachable cushions that are easy to stow when that inevitable shower rolls overhead. Get a coffee table to go with it, and you’ll have a social nexus that will host people well into the evening.

3) Dining table with umbrella

Most outdoor gatherings come with food and drinks, making it necessary to have a place where they can be enjoyed with ease. Getting a patio dining table will fill this need, keeping guests separated from other spaces that should remain food-free.

Be sure to get a model that comes with an attachment for an umbrella, as this will keep the strong rays of the sun off your guests during peak hours, and it will keep them dry from raindrops from passing light rain showers.

4) Barbeque grills

If you want to serve food at your outdoor gathering, having a barbecue grill is a virtual necessity, as running in and out of the house is tremendously inconvenient, lets in insects, and besides, the flavor of BBQ’ed food is unlike anything else: it is the sustenance of summer.

If you only expect to entertain a small crowd, a budget grill from your local hardware store will suffice. However, if you expect to have over extended family, springing for something bigger is advised, as it will make meal times flow that much faster.