Are Your Driving Skills up to Speed?

Are Your Driving Skills up to Speed?
Photo by CC user Jace on Pixabay

Given the millions and millions of drivers on American roadways at any moment in time, driving can feel like a harrowing experience for many.

Yes, despite all safety precautions one tries to deploy when behind the wheel, it can all seem for naught when another driver or drivers cause accidents. That said it is important that drivers obey the rules and regulations of the road as much as possible. Remember, you’re just one mistake or even some bad luck from seeing your life and the lives of others changed forever.

When it comes to driving, making sure you are always practicing the skills taught to you is something to never take for granted.

So, are your driving skills up to speed?

Get Behind the Wheel with Confidence

In order to drive each and every day with as much confidence as possible, keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Safety – First and foremost, being a safe driver should be at the top of your list, whether you are just starting out behind the wheel or have been driving for many years. For those getting their initial start as drivers, a free practice driving test in California or other states where offered is a great idea. Even if you’ve been driving for a while now, what happens when you move to a new state? In some cases, you will be required to take a written and/or driving test, allowing you to meet local rules and regulations. Having the ability to test your skills (see more below) before heading out on local roads is not a bad thing;
  • Commonsense – Commonsense should tell you that obeying the speed limits and other laws involving driving is your best and only option. Yes, you may feel the need to speed on occasion or respond to an aggressive driver crossing paths with you. In reality, the worst thing you can do is be reactive. It just takes one bad decision to turn your life, perhaps the lives of many others too, upside down. Always drive with a clear head (see more below), something that will pay dividends over and over again for you and your fellow drivers.

Refresh Your Skills

  • Practice – Even if you believe you know every trick of the trade when it comes to driving, you’re never too old to learn. Taking some time to review the rules of the road (including any new regulations that go into effect) is a good idea. By freshening up on both your skills behind the wheel and knowing the rules in your mind, you’re bound to be a better driver;
  • Alcohol – Never feel like you can win when it comes to drinking and driving. As too many drivers (and innocent victims have found out over time), alcohol almost assuredly wins out. If you feel even the slightest buzz after drinking, give the keys to someone else or get a taxi etc. Yes, it may prove a little inconvenient at times, but getting home safe and sound is well worth it;
  • Limits – Finally, never be ashamed to know your limits when behind the wheel. If you’re feeling sleepy, don’t be afraid to pull off the road (safely somewhere) and catch a nap. If you’re feeling ill while driving, get off the road (safely once again) and stop until you feel well enough to drive again. Trying to push yourself to new heights while driving is not only dangerous for you, but also any passengers with you, not to mention the countless other drivers in your vicinity. At the end of the day, being in an accident is not worth trying to be a superhero behind the wheel.

Sharing the Road with Others

So that you can safely share the road with others and avoid becoming another statistic, do everything necessary to be a safe driver.

When all is said and done, you and those you love will all be the better for it.