What’s The Best Way to Watch Live Sport

This is an exciting time of year for Americans as the sport is just starting to get interesting, with the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL seasons having started in the last month or so, now is the time when we usually get the best of the sport action and the holiday season is jam-packed with sporting events. The big question is then, what is the best way to watch these great events. There are some things that are almost obligatory when we watch the sports we love, friends and food, let’s take a look then at the best ways that you and your friends can laugh, cheer and eat whilst lapping up your favorite sport.



Of course, one of the best ways of truly getting involved at the heart of the sporting action is to be there in person at the event. Some sports are easier than others to get tickets for, NBA for example generally has much smaller stadiums that the like of NFL so you’ll have to get in early for your tickets. If you’re able to snag some tickets however then you will be able to get the absolute best experience of watching your team.

At Home

Watching the game at home can almost be as good as being at the game, sometimes better due to the amazing TV coverage that there is with all sorts of different angles and replays. Being in the comfort of your own home also means that you can have some cold ones chilling in the fridge and you can make your own snacks. As far as cost saving goes, being at home is the best choice. Naturally, you’ll have to make sure that you have an awesome cable service to view the games on, Dish offer a brilliant cable subscription across the States where you can watch live sport from all around the globe. Once you’ve got your cable sorted you just need to get a big TV, clear sound system and you’ll feel like you’re actually at the game.

At a Sports Bar

Watching the game in a sports bar is a great option for you and the fellas, not only will you have someone waiting on you to serve drinks and snacks but you’ll get a brilliant atmosphere and usually, for the big games, some great promotions. Sports bars attract a wide clientele so you might even see some rival fans in there who you can give a bit of ribbing too. Sports bars come in two forms, some are completely neutral and simply love all things sports related, others pin their colors to the flag of one team. If you can find a sports bar dedicated to your team then this will prove to be one of the best places for you to head to on gameday.

As a last resort, you could always go to a friends’ house to watch the game and take advantage of their TV and cable system, if you decide on this though, make sure that you take some beers and snacks, nobody likes a friend who arrives empty.